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  1. In the latest version of Elmconfig is now possible to update the range of instantaneous consumption. I changed to 12, but do not know if it is correct. The error "NVM EEPROM FAIL LVL 00001" disappeared, and the instantaneous consumption is faster to update.
  2. In the new version of ELmConfig 0.2.12b, in HEC / Procedures tab, have a square to say "fill firmware list" now does nothing. In the future will give back to ROM 230?... And fix the delay of the instant fuel consumption. Sorry for my English.
  3. Anyone know if it is already possible to reverse the delay instant consumption, caused by the upgrade Trip Computer for ROM 0509.
  4. I accessed the page to backup before upgrading to the ROM 509, do not know if it was then or after that caused the error. I think the problem is only caused by the access to page, the problem is not in having the ROM 508, 509 or otherwise.
  5. No, still the same. I do not know how to solve the problem.
  6. Have nothing to do with the ROM, has to do with going to page 3 of the HEC. When i load the configuration on page 3 of the HEC appears a warning that can cause delayed on instant consumption, and I ignored. I think it is not only the immediate consumption, I also think that confuses autonomy and reserve warning light.
  7. Good afternoon I am Portuguese and I have a Focus 1.6 TDCI MK2.5 2008. I upgraded the ROM 0230 to ROM 0509. Now instantaneous consumption is delayed, the hidden menu appears the error "nvm eeprom lvl 0001-Fail". I've been to Ford and only resolved with a new panel. Can I go back to the 0230 ROM? Help me please Sorry for my english
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums jpinhas :)