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  1. Happy Birthday steveo!

  2. Alloy Wheels

    Just an update on the alloys, I got a set of eBay, check out the pics and all looks good. So once they arrive and I get the changed over, I will have my alloys to sell. These are the upgrade for alloys offered on the titanium x Any interest let me know
  3. Alloy Wheels

    Thanks Richard But I am really looking for the alloys that Willy posted a pic of. If anyone knows of anyone who is selling or want to swap. Or is there anywhere I can buy refurbished ones ideally with the tyres on. We be really grateful if anyone can help or point me in the right direction
  4. Alloy Wheels

    Thanks folks, Still keen to swap with anyone, also, is there anywhere I can get titanium alloys without paying a fortune for them
  5. Alloy Wheels

    If there is anyone in The aberdeen area keen on a swap Must be titanium x wheels 195/50/r16 Let's us know and we can discuss
  6. Alloy Wheels

    So in simple terms I am better sticking with what I have
  7. Alloy Wheels

    I agree they do fil the arches better , but would I notice much difference in ride quality, or would it be minimal that it would not make much of a diffrence
  8. Alloy Wheels

    hi there Not been on here for a while but I gave a question I know very little about cars apart from the basics I got the upgraded alloys on my 63 plate titanium x. Too the low profile ones I am starting to dislike these alloys I would have wished never upgraded them. They are the 205/40/r17 How easy would it be to change these to the 195/50/r16 If I did change them would I notice any real diffrence, or would it be so minimal it would not be worth it. Help would be great Steve
  9. Snow Foam Connector

    Gary There is 3 connectors that look the same, I think we have it sussed now, third time lucky as they say
  10. Xtec Upgrade For Drl

    The drls on my new 63 plate gave up after 2 months getting it fixed under warranty now after finding time to take it back to garage.
  11. Snow Foam Connector

    I was thinking it may be the kew/nifswik/alto fitting Can anyone confirm that
  12. Snow Foam Connector

    I have got a macalister pressure washer and struggling to find the correct connector for the lance. I gave tried the lavor and Bosch connectors but these don't fit. I would appreciate your help on this Cheers
  13. Low Profiles In The Snow

    Thanks George for the advice. So gentle driving, brake gentle, keep it moving if poss. No sharp movements, I guess getting used to it is the key. Just hate driving In snow. If it is too bad I guess I will just have to walk to to work as it is all down hill. Will see how it goes. Fingers crossed it will be a mild one
  14. Folks What are low profiles like in the snow I only do city driving and don't want yo fork out money on winter tyres as I would gave to buy rims and tyres also would have no where to store them My journey to work is only around 2 miles Do we have any driving tips
  15. Day Time Running Lights

    Just noticed one of my front dlr lights is out. Car is only 2 months old. Is there an easy fix or should I take back to dealer