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  1. Hi all, my 1998 fiesta zetec s, is an excellent runner. Bought it at 70k and done 30k since then with few problems. Am very pleased with it. But the MOT is in Oct and I need a bigger car. Here are a few things that need sorting out. Would appreciate any advice. The handbrake lets the car roll down hills! I did have an adjustment somewhere on the back wheels which sorted it for a few months, but now the problem has arisen again. I don't usually lock the car as the alarm tended to go off a few minutes later. The amber door light on the dash is almost constantly on. It flickers occassionally then goes back to amber. Occassionally when I break hard-ish at a junction the car skids slightly at the front. (This may be my poor driving technique as I tend to break with the clutch down as well). The tyres are OK and I have just had 1 new nearside elbow and 1 second hand offside spring. If I do want to sell it, I may put it through the MOT, which means that these things need to be sorted. Many thanks Steve
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    OK. thanks. will try to post something now. steve
  3. Hi everyone. 1st post on this site. Usually just read the questions and answers. Just tried to post a new thread in 'technical advise' and wasn't allowed. Could someone tell me why? I would like some advise on my Zetec Sport Fiesta 1998. When I've cleared up the 'you cannot start a new thread' issue, I will post more details about my car. Many thanks in advance Steve
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums stevesmj :)