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  1. Tyre Advice Needed.

    Thanks guys, I'll check them out.
  2. Tyre Advice Needed.

    Hi, bought a focus mk2 with BCT S800 tyres on, 19s. The noise is shocking at speed and grip on wet conditions conserns me. Any advice on a good all round replacement,that won't break the bank, would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Mk4 Idles Fine But Stalls When Revved

    Done the dash board check. Pushing in the mileage reset button. Showed codes 0115 dtc & 9318dtc. Anyone got any ideas what this could mean. Thanks again for taking time to view this.
  4. Hi, I'm almost at my wits end with my mk4 1999. Few weeks ago car started running like a pig, stalling then refusal to start. Changed coil pack and leads, no change so got hold of replacement ECU. Car now starts and idles perfectly but as soon as its revved it starts spluttering and cuts out. The car only has 50,000mls and I've taken good care of her. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. This has both stumped myself and my mechanic. Thanks for reading my post, Mat.
  5. Please Help Me Get My Mk4 Running.

    Got hold of a second hand ecu with transponder etc. All numbers and code match mine. Hopefully that might bring it to life. Anyone know if it will require programming?
  6. Please Help Me Get My Mk4 Running.

    Auto electrician says its ECU. Found a car for sale that's identical to mine. Might just buy it and swap over all my good parts. Heart breaking but think it has to be done.
  7. Please Help Me Get My Mk4 Running.

    It's getting power. It gets really hot when key is at ignition. Had an auto electrician round today. Couldn't find the fault. I'm really at a loss now. The new coil pack wasn't the cheap option so I'm fairly sure its not faulty.
  8. Hi everyone, my loved mk4 is refusing to start No spark is getting to spark plugs, I have replaced coil pack, leads, plugs and crank shaft sensor. Nothing worked! Car ran fine until loss of power then stalling,then refusal to start. Can anyone please advise me on what to try next.
  9. Scratch On My Beloved Mk.4

    The pics actually make the scratch look wider than it is.
  10. Scratch On My Beloved Mk.4

    Thanks for the advice. I've also been told to use autoglym as its less abrasive. Any views on this product? I'll try get a photo on later
  11. Thanks for taking time to read this, Yesterday,while cleaning my fiesta, i discovered a 60cm long scratch on the rear side panel. The scratch can be slightly felt with fingernail. It appears white. Although my fiesta is 1999 mk4, it is pristine and running at 46,000 mls. I'm basically looking for any advice on a diy. fix. I've read many opinions on line but not sure what to do.
  12. Exhaust Problem. Any Advice?

    Thanks for the link, Any ideas on how much I should be paying to get it replaced?
  13. Hi, Started engine this morning and was greeted by exhaust blowing. Its a 1999 fiesta 1.3, The hole is right next to the flex. ( on photo just left of the flex) My main question is, Can I replace the section of exhaust between cat. and rear section of exhaust?, its about 1 meter, containing the flex. Also any idea on how much I should expect to pay to get this fixed. The car is mint but its pretty rusty where exhaust sections meet. Thanks for taking the time to read this, any advice is much appreciated.