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  1. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    You're not dead unless you're cold and dead! :)
  2. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    That's fresh enough to warrant an attempt at CPR :)
  3. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    Its well know that Probbies or PCSO's automatically become our property to do with as we wish with the sarg's blessing
  4. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    Yes, we are the blokes keeping them from a warm cuppa and a box of doughnuts, boy are they happy to see us :) I've spent many an early hour taking the p out of met probbies much to the amusement of their seniors
  5. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    Looks just like the one on my ID card lol
  6. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    As grim as they come lol
  7. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    I used to be a TV Video Technician until progress and radio Rentals made me redundant, I now work for a Funeral company and can be seen flitting around SE and SW London driving the Coroners ambulance doing some collecting :)
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Hearsepilot :)

    1. Hearsepilot


      Many thanks for having me:)