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  1. Hissing /wooshing noises would usually be air escaping from split pipes or fractured intercoolers.
  2. Take the pipe off the fuel filter and pump it out
  3. How fast does the engine turn over? Did you disturb the timing belt, did you disturb the crank sensor /timing by undoing the crank pulley?
  4. Do you have any means of checking the battery voltage 1st with the engine off and 2nd with the engine running before the light comes on finally 3rd with the light on?
  5. Dont bother starting the job if you can't do it properly, it will end up costing more.
  6. Some pictures would have got us straight to the cure for you
  7. Did you happen to notice if the sign was clean and readable yourself?
  8. That type of battery will read full voltage up to the point it fails, if it reads lower than spec then its expired.
  9. Dude the maps will be out of date again by the time you make it through that worm hole!!
  10. If you've reset the ECU it will take a while for it to re-learn the fuel trims and the gearbox shift points. You could use a OBD device to reset the gearbox, the engine will sort itself eventually but you'd be better off using OBD to reset the misfire parameters etc
  11. My Focus does this, its by design, its rev-matching to make gear selection easier, saves wear on the syncromesh as well.
  12. If you dont upload your log file to the Ford website it wont know you've upgraded, similarly if you use the cyan;abs update path then Ford will always tell you that there are updates available,
  13. Don't expect any sympathy from your insurance company if your car vanishes or its contents are stolen.
  14. In that case start the jobs with what incorrect tools you have and keep the phone number for a tow truck on hand to get it to a mechanics to tidy up the resulting mess.
  15. DONT use ANY timing tool a means of loosening anything, they are for timing reference ONLY. If that crank pin was to bend in the crank there's only one way its coming out, with a cut off wheel through the inside of the block. Do it right or there's consequences. The newer eco-boom engines need a torque multiplier to undo the crank bolt!
  16. The connection will get hot if there's any resistance, it would be progressive. Just replace it all will be well.
  17. The locking pin is for rotational reference only, it has NO strength, DO NOT use the cam locking tool to prevent rotation, the cams may well snap. If you're going to do the job do it properly and safely, use the proper tool, it will save you in the long run.
  18. WD40 is cack, if you have some use some ATF. When it comes to the actual removal do it while the system is hot, Use a well fitting spanner and bop it with a hammer to shock the sensor loose.
  19. Guys, it should be noted that CyanLabs files ARE Ford official files, just acquired via a different route. I've had the 3.4 update on my MK3 Focus for some while (Which i shouldn't have).
  20. Just take that picture to a dealers and show them, instant ID
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