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  1. hustla_uk

    Ford Caska In Car Multimedia Systems

    U r deco wrote there. Now getting alpine ive w530 bt. Sticking to known brands. Casksa say there stereos r built for perfect fit in our cars. But no use if software fails after a month. Phone calls only display number and not name when peeps call. Old fashioned or what. Would advise any1 and every1 not to touch a caska system.
  2. hustla_uk

    Ford Caska In Car Multimedia Systems

    Got no choice. Been told to tell them sales of goods act. But shop still don't care. Pure hassle 4 something only had 6 weeks. And to long if trading standards have no help. Putting alpine ive w530 in my focus now. Sticking to known brands.
  3. just letting peeps know no to buy or touch a caska stereo to ur ford.had the rsmmi2 4 1 month b4 complete software issues.caska aint bothered now they have my money,caska acting like they are a gangsta company.peeps expensive stereos with cheap software.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums hustla_uk :)