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  1. Newbie

    Hi, Done well to keep in that condition, looking good and welcome to the forums
  2. Body Work Repair

    There was up the road but its a rough area, the police said to me they could tell i wasnt from around there but even when the cctv shows the lads running away they cant prove they did it. There was one of them stood on the corner when i ran outside then he ran off, they said it didnt prove it was them, i asked who stands on a street corner at 3:30am!? its a joke ive even had to cancel my holiday next month and im going to be skint for the next two months, they need sorting out haha!
  3. Body Work Repair

    Im from Bolton, I cant actually believe its happened i work my !Removed! off for my car! I have a mate who does body repair so will get a quote from him and let you know, i was considering doing the work myself to save money however i am an it technition not a mechanic
  4. Hello, First of all i had my focus parked outside my girlfriends on her estate and at half past 3 woke up to 3 loud bangs ran outside and a brick had been thrown through my back window... This window i had repaired today so this is now fixed however at 18 this has taken a big dent out of my wallet! The other brick hit the top of my car i presume the jealous sad little tramps which through this probably meant to hit my rear side window. I would like to know if anyone has any ideas on how i can sort this out, its not asif i can take the pannel off because it is the whole side of my car!? I cannot claim through my insurance for this because my excess is £400 plus they will put my insurance up because i will have had a claim and also i would lose my year no claims which i need at 18! Any advise would be appreciated, cheers
  5. Fog Lights

    Okay cheers mate, i do have rear fog lights i can just turn them on seperatley from my front fog lights thats why i thought i was getting away with it alot of police have drove past but they look at me because i look young driving a focus
  6. Fog Lights

    Hi, On my car i have the option to just have front fog lights on without the back ones which blind other drivers. However i see my front lights as spot lights and i like driving around with them on however my mates are telling me that it is illegal. I am only 18 and have been driving for a year so i don't really want to get 3 points if it is illegal, does anybody know? cheers, Brad.
  7. Hi, I would just like to know how many people turn up to the meets as i have my car and my friend has a white fiesta on my picture to the left. We are from bolton so could travel out to manchester/blackpool/preston ect. however in the north west how many cars usually turn up? cheers, Brad.
  8. My First Task

    Thanks, its my car and my best mates he drives a white fiesta behind my focus :) If you mean to the guide, yes it is at the link below http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/tutorials/article/50-guide-for-removal-priming-painting-and-refitting-of-bonnet-lip/ also shows how to spray but i just wrapped mine in carbon fiber
  9. My First Task

    Hi, I have a white 1.6 Zetec ford focus MK2 2011 I was searching online as i was wrapping the chrome bonnet trim on my car and came across this website, i followed a guide on heating up as their is a glue underneath the strip. It all worked fine and now i have wrapped my trim. Thanks, Brad. Before: After: Close Up:
  10. Cheers mate, i stumbled across the forum i have just wrapped my chrome bonnet trim to carbon fiber thought i would join as iam planning work on my mk2 focus

  11. Welcome to the Ford forums BradKnowles :)