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  1. thank u for the replies. it is a petrol.
  2. I should mention I do not drive erratically or aggressive. As always have my kids in the car
  3. Hi all recently I have noticed my car is going through a lot of fuel. I have put almost double the amount I usually put in. I know it is a 2 litre but the car never drank this much fuel. Also when I am waiting at lights I can feel the car juddering for no reason. Any help would be brilliant. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi For the past few days I have had a whining noise coming from my engine. I notice it more when the car is on tick over. If I rev it a bit then it will go away. As soon as I put my foot on the brake it comes back. My thought was the alternator but there is no warning light. The car has done 144000 miles. Still starts and drives brilliant just the noise.
  5. Hi I am in need of advise with my car. I have owned it for about 3 months now and noticed that if I am stuck in traffic the temperature gauge goes right up to the A or L on normal before the fans cut it. Also if I have the heater on cold the temperature gauge goes up while driving, How ever if I have the heater on hot then while driving it will go down to almost cold. I have tried to see if it is a airlock (after looking on the forum). I'm now out of ideas. The car has done over 144000 miles (still runs as sweet as it should). Thanks in advance for the help. :D
  6. Car Overheating. In Need Of Advise

    The rad is heating evenly. It has not had a coolant change that I am aware of. With the heater on full it does not make a difference but i am getting hot air from the heater. I've just gone out in the car came back and lifted the bonnet to see if I can hear the noise again. The only noise I can hear is from the expansion tank. The sound is like a bubbling sound. Never heard before until yesterday and today.
  7. Car Overheating. In Need Of Advise

    Ok I'll keep an eye on it. And I'll get the new part tomorrow. I'll let you all know how I get on thank you for the advise.
  8. Car Overheating. In Need Of Advise

    I've just taken it for a drive and its working fine. Was informed it happens on a very rare occasion. Could it still be thermostat getting jammed now and again.
  9. Hi all. In need of advise about my car. It overheated twice in a matter of 2 minutes. There is water in the car and it has been running perfect all day. Prior to it overheating i heard a weird noise. as though I had a window open. Pulled over turned the engine off and popped the bonnet. All i heard when i popped the bonnet was a gurgling noise. The fan cuts in as good as gold but not cooling the car. Waited a few minutes tried again and within 1 minute it had overheated again. Managed to get it back on my drive and left it now. I got no water leaks at all. The only thing I was told when i brought the car was that one of the propellers had a bit missing but it has been running perfect until today. It's a fiesta zetec (with the zetec s engine) on a 2000 plate. Any advise would be grateful.
  10. Problem With My Car?????

    thank u for the replies. sorry that it has taken me so long to get back. I checked the clutch fluid today and its full. i have not got round to doing the ht leads. but the car is now doing it from the second i turn the key and start driving. I have noticed something else while i was checking the fluid. My front crossmember is bent. Does any one know how much or how i can fix it as the car is due for its mot next month :(.
  11. Hi everyone. I'm new to the site. I have 2 problems with my car. Problem 1 is when my car gets warm it starts jerking around at low revs (below 3000rpm) it is getting really annoying now. The second problem is my clutch seems to be quiet high (thought it was clutch). I noticed yesterday while i was looking underneath the car that there was fluid coming down the side of the gearbox just underneath the slave cylinder. It's a Ford Fiesta Zetec 2000 (W reg) it has done just over 150,000 miles. I would not mind but only had the car for just under 2 weeks. I'm quiet good at doing repairs myself. Just don't want to go out and buy parts if I don't need them. Any advise would be grateful. Sorry if posted this in the wrong place but I'm new to the site lol.
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums carl23 :)