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  1. Fiesta st actual mpg

    On mainly 'B' roads I averaged 32mpg in my ST3.
  2. Dashcam Problems

    Have you 'formatted' the card?
  3. Insurance

    Adrian Flux was good for me.
  4. heater

    Diesels do take a while to warm up.
  5. Fiesta lock problem

    Sounds like they've dislodged a wire whilst replacing the mirror. Give them a ring & ask them to check it out. If you have no luck there, take it to fords under warranty.
  6. Zetec S rear diffuser on zetec mk7.5

    I think you pull the old one off, & pop the new one on.
  7. Window problem mk7.5

    Has it ever had 'wind deflectors' on?
  8. Fiesta 5 Door ST is COMING VERY SOON!

    Would look so much better with 2 less doors (IMO) 😄
  9. Folding Mirrors - annoyance

    I'm guessing he parks the passenger side tight to the wall so he has more room to get out of the drivers door.
  10. Fiesta 5 Door ST is COMING VERY SOON!

    5 doors are far less aesthetically pleasing to me, that's why I got the Fiesta ST in the first place over the 5 door focus.
  11. Should the dipped headlight be loose?

    Shouldn't be loose, so check the bulbs seated properly & that the clip hasn't been bent out of shape. as you say it's only a month old so get ford to check it out if still concerned.
  12. Does my ecoboost have the wrong badge?

    As above I debaged mine, & the bin didn't care what it said 😄
  13. Van speed camera

    Speeding isn't the biggest killer on our roads, but it's the simplest & most profitable one to tackle.
  14. Rear disc brakes for Fiesta?

    Wouldn't it be a cheaper & easier to use second hand fiesta parts?
  15. Here again

    'Getting used to the colour'......... I'm glad you are, but next to spirit blue I couldn't.