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  1. Really Loud Ticking Noise In Engine????

    thanks guys :) Ill try spraying a few bits with some wd40 and take a recording of the noise, its quite loud! It was stood over the really hot weekend and then started making that noise so a bit of wd40 could solve the problem :)
  2. Hi all My focus has developed a really loud clicking/ticking noise in the engine. It gets louder if you accelerate but never goes away even on tick over. had something changed that's near front of the engine that's connected to the auxiliary belt (don't ask me what its call cos i don't know lol ) anyway that didn't work. so the garage have suggested it may be the air con clutch?? However the noise stays regardless of whether the air con is on or off. Or it could be some other clutch drive connected to the auxiliary belt. Has anyone else had this problem before?? Thank you :) x
  3. 2007 1.6tdci....... roughly 500miles to a tank of £65 = 13p per mile :) depends how i drive her tho and as Stoney says, enjoy it ;)
  4. Cleaning Ex Drug House

    if you go to your vets and ask for flea bombs :) Do not set them off while there's animals in the house! read instructions, but should be safe for your dog after 12 hours i think it is. bleach EVERYTHING!!! make a solution up in a spray bottle and spray the floor boards and allow the place to air. make sure you wear a face mask whilst spraying!
  5. Check Before You Buy!

    blue and white :) x
  6. What Size Brake Disks?

    so the smaller ones should be fine to use? :) The price difference is £30 for smaller ones each, £45 for larger ones
  7. What Size Brake Disks?

    Its a 1.6 tdci :)
  8. What Size Brake Disks?

    Rang to find out how much my brake disks were going to cost and i was told there are two sizes listed for my car. So without having to go outside in the cold, could somebody please tell me what size mine might be :) She's a 2007 LX model :) Many thanks p.s should i change the brake pads at the same time?
  9. Logo Design For Beer Money?

    if you want to pm me some details i can have a go, but not promising ill come up with something good enough
  10. Check Before You Buy!

    will have some 501's off ya for me Galaxy and will have a look see if my focus takes them too :)
  11. did they put an original MAF sensor on? If they used cheap imitation parts they dont always work. Reason i know is that i had this on my galaxy and i put a cheap replacement on...the problem still existed until i put an original part on. Also.......if it is the EGR valve, unless your sand blasting it and cleaning it properly it wont make a bit of difference, it will need blanking or a new one putting on (just sold a car for the same problem)
  12. Breakdown Cover?

    dont forget to get your cash-back by going through Topcashback :D http://www.topcashback.co.uk/aa_uk_breakdown/ http://www.topcashback.co.uk/rac_uk_breakdown/ http://www.topcashback.co.uk/kwikfit-breakdown-cover/
  13. My New Car In Its Raw State

    Just a quick update on this :) The juddering is still happening.....thought it had solved itself but drove 160miles last night and it was awful.......only happens when braking at speed, so going to have to have new brake disks and pads me thinks. I also found that it has three steering modes.......sports, normal and comfort.......was set to sports mode and when i changed it to comfort it feels like a dream to steer! She's been washed and polished this weekend by me .....however she needs a serious clay bar session and a very heavy wax session LOL on the to-do-list once the backs recovered! (couldnt afford the valeter to do it after needing new tyres etc lol)
  14. Engine Systems Failure 1.6 Tdci

    oooh i may have to get this checked out then :) I have noticed when i put the blowers on to warm me up, it drags in a lot of fumes and the car stinks!
  15. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    Our GSD is x malli.......would love a full malli, but OH wants a Dutch Herder next. Springers are great little dogs, ours never stops, she's like a whirlwind, but sooooooo much fun :D