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  1. Fiesta St Interior

    Oh god aslong as i get the two front i'm not bothered ;) haha
  2. Fiesta St Interior

    I hope so, I don't mind paying up to £say 700 for the set.. they do look extremely nice :) I'll go down the Ford garage tomorrow and have a chat with the parts dept, se what they say :)
  3. Fiesta St Interior

    HEy, I'm just Wondering if anyone Knows weather or not Ford sell the ST Half Leather interior seats ( front and rear) Separately in the Parts Dept? IF you already know could you let me Know and how much they are? I think they look amazing and i Can't see anyone with a new ST willing to sell them anytime soon. Just look at them^^
  4. Will These Fit?

    CLose it's a Zetec -s Fezza. But that website is well handy :)
  5. Will These Fit?

    damn, that sucks, i thought the bore was a standard size? Would you be able to tell me if Wolfrace JDm's would fit? http://www.wolfrace.com/shop/product_images/large/jdm.jpg they're 17x7.5 , 4 x108mm PCD, 40 Offset
  6. Will These Fit?

    correction 4x100, not 5 x 114.3
  7. Will These Fit?

    Hey, I'm look,ing at getting a set of Volk Racing TE37SL Pressed Graphite Wheel 17x7.5 5x114.3 for My fiesta Zetec S, i'm just wondering if the bolt distance is actually 114.3? and if the 7.5" width would make any difference?
  8. About Alloys

    I guessing the current alloy size on a standard Mk 7 Zetec -S is 17 x 7? ( correct me if i'm wrong :). I'm wondering would it make much of a differences if i were to get 17"x8 alloys or wouldn't it work? any feedback would be great
  9. Front Bumper Respray

    I hit a Toe thingy earlier and it has cracked the paint on the front bumper and a little dent. I was wondering how much would it cost to get it sorted out/ Resprayed, and would the whole bumper have to be sanded down just for one little section?
  10. So, Which Do You Prefer?

    Original, as for the new St, they should have just kept the original shape and put the 1.6 turbo lump into that! if there is a conversion i think i'll go for it in the future :)
  11. Not alot was waiting for the warenty to run out but got bored waiting... J1 automotive Induction kit > makes the Fiesta sound like a monster! Wind Deflectors Headlight Brows and many more mods to come in the future :)
  12. i think my bed is calling me

  13. Hey

    Thankyou, been a while since I've been on a car forum, This year i'm Planning to do a few things to my "Fezzy" I have had a quote for the roof to have gloss black Vinyl £150 After is the Rs front Splitter Then Coilovers Looking at getting some new Rota alloys ( if i can afford them) Some Vinyls and gloss black-ing the Front bumper and rear defuser :) a 4-2 manifold in time with an full cat back
  14. Hey

    Hello thought I'd start my first ever post with a Hello :)
  15. Fezzy

    My Mk 7 Ford Fiesta Zetec s