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  1. Hi, was wondering if anyone on here uses a transit connect l2 for transporting a motocross bike? (125/250) From measurements Ive worked out the bike will go in length wise (with wheel turned or at a slight angle). But the height I'm think may be tight. If it's not possible I'm considering the custom instead. Any advice would be great!
  2. New Fiesta Reviews are in.

    Was more to see what options etc could be added on, as I'll be getting it through the privilege scheme so not sure if drive the deal could be used along side that
  3. New Fiesta Reviews are in.

    Hoping the st line gets released soon, or at least to configure on the Ford website
  4. New Fiesta Reviews are in.

    I'd just try not to take it to personal
  5. New Fiesta Reviews are in.

    Looking into the st line for when I'm due a change after September. sat in a new titanium on Saturday, interior is nice but I agree with others I'm torn on the touch screen. Also the new polo is released soon and personally quite like it
  6. Next generation Fiesta

    I hope so as I'm due to change in September
  7. Next generation Fiesta

    I'm double checking. However on the configurator on the Ford site the st line isn't an option to choose?
  8. Next generation Fiesta

    Just spoke with my local dealer and they've said the st line won't be out til next year when the st is. Not sure what to do now! Keep my current st line, swap back to an st or go the focus route
  9. Bicycle in the back of a focus

    Sounds good, my bike is a smaller frame and 27.5 wheel so should fit in no problem if I go the focus route!
  10. Next generation Fiesta

    Where did you see this? I'm interested in the st line also
  11. Bicycle in the back of a focus

    I doubt I'd have a towbar fitted to be honest. Would always use some form of sheets in the car to keep it nice and clean :)
  12. Hey! Currently have a fiesta st line, I can just about fit my push bike in the car with the seats down and one of the wheels off. I was just wondering how much more room there is in the rear of the focus? And do any of you guys transport a bike or two bikes in the back of one? thanks in advance
  13. Detailing question

    I think also the mix ratio of snowfoam comes into play, I prefer a thinner mix compared to a almost shaving foam thickness. I only really use it if the car is really soiled. And I agree autoglym is love or hate, I think the body shampoo isn't to bad. Everyone will have there own preference on brands and how they wash their car. If you're happy with the results then that's all that matters. I do think spending hundreds on a pot of wax (unless you do it as a profession) is silly.
  14. Detailing question

    I use a karcher jet wash and two bucket wash method. If the car is really dirty I will use snow foam or a pre wash on the car first I normally buy my products from either cleanyourcar.co.uk autobrite direct or polished bliss. Agreed with above comments though that products like autoglym, demon shine etc that are sold in places like Halfords are expensive for what they are. Much better brands out there! Although autoglym polish isn't bad to be fair. Products I'm using on my car at the moment are Carpro or bilberry wheel cleaner Autobrite or chemical guys snowfoam Dodo juice basics of bling or chemical guys shampoo Fusso 12 month wax/sealant Gyeon wet coat (spray on spray off hydrophobic coating) My wheels and glass are sealed with gtechniq products Not sure if you do, but don't use a sponge!! Lambs wool or microfibre wash mits are a must. Good luck and I'm sure you'll start getting addicted aha :)
  15. 2017 fiesta st

    I wonder what colours they will have the st in? The alloys defo don't look like usual Ford styling, more Vauxhall or French