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  1. Advice Needed

    No i didnt give him my insurance details, how much does the insurance for young person drivers increase, even though its very minor
  2. Advice Needed

    Name, Number and address. But however i don't get why he took my picture?
  3. Advice Needed

    Hey i am new to all this but recently, i reversed into a car in a car park at night (i recently passed) with my dads Mondeo but i am also insured on it. Nothing happened to my car, but there was a slight dent on the other guys car( you can barley see it with eyes you have to touch it to notice it). So i told him ill pay for repair and no need to go to insurance because its not a big deal, he also agreed and also agreed on me providing the garage to fix the dent, so after a day i rang him and told him where to bring the car for repair but he never turned up, and now he's not even picking up the phone either. I think hes going to be greedy and go for a claim. Any advice on what to do now, or what can happen and will my insurance increase. Thanks
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Dark-mc :)