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  1. Selling My Van...

    Thanks Dan, I am now aware.
  2. Selling My Van...

    As some of you may be aware we ( ma lady and I ) are thinking of buying a focus to replace our van as do not need the room anymore. Can I ask where I advertise it on these forums and if its ok to do so ?
  3. New Member, Hi...

    Thanks Clive, the Fiesta is apparently sold but have test driven the Focus tonight. Its a Focus LX TDi, saloon, 105,359 miles on the clock. Serviced in December last year, drives nice but tatty outside. I suppose for year not too bad though, a good polishing would not go amiss. The mot in November....
  4. Sick People!

    They will one day, cocky scrotes round here thought they were above the law so the community took over....
  5. Focus Newbie

    Welcome Mark.....
  6. New Member, Hi...

    Thanks for the welcome Dan, I have always liked the Ford Focus so probably will. My sons girlfriend selling the Fiesta but the sunroof seal leaking and paintwork has been scratched, also not a lot of headroom. The only thing going for it is that its only done 39000 miles from new, two owners and first one was lil old lady....
  7. No mate, tight squeeze but now in my spare room. Took three of us get it there though as upstairs. :P
  8. Recently fitted a 1970's Yamaha organ in me van, 64 kg of Canadian walnut...
  9. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    Im a maintenance engineer in the pottery industry.
  10. New Member, Hi...

    Hello too all, I currently drive a Transit Connect van. Bought because I was fishing and playing golf, I have given up on these hobbies as my shifts do not allow me and my mates the same time off anymore. Anyway, I am currently looking at buying a 51 plate fiesta and have been also offered a 51 plate focus. Hoping too get more info on here about the best buy.....
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums dude2112 :)

    1. dude2112


      thanks for the welcome Steve