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  1. Hi All, I have a Ford Focus on Motability and I'm due to get a new one in a couple of weeks, but just recently I've noticed a weird wining sort of noise and when I popped the bonnet and took the cover off you can hear a knocking sort of sound.the cars done 56,400 miles so its done a lot in under 3 years. The cars booked in for Monday but I'm just wondering if this could be a serious issue https://youtu.be/zvwNxFQqyQU
  2. car1

    Was glad I found it in Frozen White, just ordered mined today but only seen it on Red. Looks gorgeous, like the honeycomb grill and front lip bit. What engine do you have?
  3. 2015 Zetec S Or Titanium X

    Hi All, I apologise as I should have stated that I'm on the Motability scheme there for im limited as to what I can have done. Right now I could have the Zetec S with Sat Nav for £290 or Titanium X for around £850. I've enquired about a titanium x with a zetec s bodykit install but this is somewhat complicated as its simply classed as a modification and also not an optional extra. Titanium x I could have a styling pack for £400 which consists of 18" alloys and rear tint. Zetec S I could choose a number of additions to put it somewhat close to a titanium x but the costs are astronomical (especially in comparison to the price if the car only being £290) It seems the answer is personal preference, some are happy with the outside looks, some appreciate the gadgets more but I wanted to get some insider opinions to what they're really like. Right now I may go for Titanium X with 18" Alloys and rear tint... But man the Zetec S just overhauls the car so much... The rear diffuser to me makes a big difference. Does anyone have the upgraded premium audio? I believe its a 10 speaker setup and with a Sub? Cheers all.
  4. 2015 Zetec S Or Titanium X

    Hi All, It's coming up to the three year mark so I get a new Ford Focus, I was really hoping to be able to get the Titanium X with a Zetec S pack, turns out that's not possible. After looking into both cars the one thing I'm quite sure of is.. I'm really not that hyped on the new Zetec S, I like it better than the standard but it's just not like my 2012 Zetec S which I absolutely love. So I'm torn between choosing the Zetec S (although I don't like it as much it's still nicer than the standard) but the gadgets on the Titanium X just sounds awesome.. I can't make my mind up. What's peoples opinions? I'd like to mention I don't mean to come across negative about the new Zetec S it's still a lovely looking car, but I loved the older Zetec S model.. had such an awesome back diffuser, lovely low front lip I just liked it so much more. And can anyone give some feedback on the upgraded premium ford sync 2 DAB system with 10 speakers and sub, on my Ford I had the normal system which in my opinion sounded great.
  5. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    I put up with the grief from my girlfriend, and the catastrophic event in which she forgets to put sugar in my tea -_- Only Joking, I'm a uni student working really hard towards a degree in Business Information Technology.. and thanks to our country I wouldn't be surprised if I end up in Mcdonalds (No offence to the Maccy D crew got to love a Happy Meal ;)}=]
  6. Ford

    Not even a day old =D
  7. Hi All, I have a Ford Focus 1.6tdci (12 plate) and only on some occasions the engine fan will continue to spin after I turn off the engine, I can't say for how long but I'd say it can go for around 5mins. Does anyone know why this occasionally happens? the temperature is always spot on in the middle. Thanks All!
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums MrSweet :)

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      Thank you Steve... think I need to start uploading some pictures =D