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  1. How Close?

    Cars with movable steering wheels and pedals should be standard, or maybe create a "short" package optional extra which gives the option for the steering wheel and pedals to move closer - otherwise its an accident waiting to happen!
  2. Google Maps Make My Macbook Hang

    Hi mate, I used to get exactly the same thing on my macbook air. When the OS patch came out (I forget which one), it fixed the issue. So if you haven't tried already, worth updating to the latest OS (Mountain Lion)
  3. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    Work in IT (yawn) as a software consultant, also a bit of an entrepreneur, always looking for ways to make some extra cash!
  4. PS3 or Xbox?

    I've got both, both have their uses, I use the ps3 as a media centre and the xbox for the silly games (mainly for the wife :) )
  5. Hello All!

    Hey everyone, I've just bought my first FORD! Been a while coming, have had a multitude of other cars, but never a ford (my wife had a Fiesta a few years ago, which she bought from a stealer) and the engine blew up! Put me off Fords.....until now! Bought a 2012 Mondeo - and so far so good! Thought I'd sign up to a forum to research any issues I have and just for a general chat! Thanks! S
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums SteveP40 :)