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  1. Strange Dash Fault?

    I had this exact fault twice...each time I had my egr valve flushed and cleaned and it fixed it...I do need to replace the egr, but it's a cheaper fix for now..
  2. Focus Ghia 1.8 Tdci Wont Fire

    Got it fixed... A clean out of the EGR and replace timing sensor, change of oil and air filter too. Now starting and running like a dream. Thank god I found a decent mechanic! ! Thanks for all your comments.
  3. Focus Ghia 1.8 Tdci Wont Fire

    Ok..Thanks Mick85. I'll check with my financial advisor (wife!!)
  4. Focus Ghia 1.8 Tdci Wont Fire

    Called Ford today, they say it sounds like the fuel pump!! That's worst case scenario...I booked it in for a diagnosis, but have had second thoughts and will go to an independent first as Ford want £96 for it...
  5. Focus Ghia 1.8 Tdci Wont Fire

    Ok..so the glow plugs were replaced as test showed 3 out of 4 were not working.. It worked fine for a couple of days, then same problem. The plugs replaced again, and a relay. Same again, worked for a couple of days and broke. The glow plugs and relay are fine, the car will now only start if I put the accelerator to the floor then switch on and fire up. Not a fix, but at least I can now get from A to B. Any ideas???
  6. Focus Ghia 1.8 Tdci Wont Fire

    Thanks Guys, I've got it booked in for Wednesday. I'll post any results.
  7. My 57 plate Focus Ghia 1.8 TDCi is turning over but wont fire. When I first turn it, it fires but dies immediately. Then it wont fire. The glow plug light comes on, then off. Then I try again, but the same. The glow plugs were cleaned a few weeks ago, and the car statrted fine for a while, but now its back to this. Any ideas on problem/fix/cost?? Cheers
  8. Focus Newbie

    Hello, I,today, bought a 57 plate Focus 1.8 tdci Ghia. I traded my 2000 X VW Golf GT TDi 1.9 for it. This was because the Golf was getting old, starting to creak and groan, and the tax was £220. Repairs were becoming more frequent, and more expensive. While I'm a little sad the Golf has gone, I'm looking forward to enjoying the Focus...I'm impressed so far(all 10 miles of it!!!).
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Sparx71 :)