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  1. Need Some Advice!

    Cheers i'll give F Super a try for £20 - £25 worth seeing whats wrong and cheaper than taking it to a garage... And i'll have diagnostics for both cars :) winner
  2. Need Some Advice!

    Cheers chaps, full works is on the cards now to try and resolve this issue. I'll post a pic of the spark plugs when i get my hands on the car.. Me and the mrs dont see each other much when im working nights. Think i might be able do get to it on thursday Is their any diagnostics i can buy for Ford cars? For my audi i have VCDS (formally VAG-Com) runs from the laptop with the cable Surely ford do one..
  3. Need Some Advice!

    where can i get a bottle of cataclean from off the shelf, google isn't giving many results. Thanks for the input aswell i really appreciate it. I know its only a 1.4 but like i say the punto wouldnt stall and die of power when trying to pull off at low speeds from 2nd gear... imagine a low speed approach to a round about, the car goes past you drop to 2nd gear hit the revs and theres nothing there. Normally you wouldnt drop to 1st, its not how a car should be in my eyes. If theres someone close to Newcastle under lyme that could spare 5 or 10 mins i'd appreciate it, just to have a look and see what your thoughts are
  4. Need Some Advice!

    Well found some redex in the cupboard so stuck 150ml into a nearly full tank and gave it a drive for about 5 miles. Smoke wasnt too bad on startup today but i still say this thing is lacking power... its a 1.4 and if you dont time it right its VERY easy to stall, slow down for a corner to 8 - 10 mph and u got no chance of pulling off in 2nd gear... put your foot down and it takes forever to climb to 4k revs. But this is how its always been since we got it, like i say its the mrs car so i hardly drive it but from what i can tell from todays long drive is that its a Pile of S#@+!! lol Apart from and oil change and filter, air filter... spark plugs have already been done 5k ago what else could be the trouble with it? It baffels me... i used to have a punto 5 year ago 1.2 and that was faster than this thing! Much to my delight i dont have to drive this fiesta every day. Its a 52plate but the 03 model (registered in feb 03)
  5. Need Some Advice!

    http://www.alfaowner.com/Forum/alfa-155/61960-homemade-injector-cleaner.html Found this thread... going to give it a go... cheaper and the same stuff :)
  6. Need Some Advice!

    not clouds of smoke.. imagine 2 or 3 smokers exhaling at the same time lol... about that much ;) i'll give the cleaner a try and no its not losing water and not using oil up... so i guess it cant be too bad thats a bonus. Theres no mayonaise substance on the oil cap neither
  7. Need Some Advice!

    hehe, when u say injector... what can i do to refurb it? sry for the dumb question
  8. Need Some Advice!

    cheers wase, i never started the thing initially and as i sked the mrs if it made any noises.. her responce was very typically a womans not into cars... 'i dont know it just didnt start' lol I'll definatly be giving it a good going over tomorrow. When we got the car it was absolutely filthy and the engine was in a bad state (missfiring) he got that sorted and we got the car, the mrs loved it, now im wondering if theres something wrong completely with the thing Would you guys suggest a tin of Engine Flush before i change the oil? Ive done it in most my cars when i dont know the history of them.
  9. Need Some Advice!

    petrol mate, never had a problem with it until now. Been doing things on the Audi then i was going to do this one... but seems i might have to do both at the same times now lol
  10. Need Some Advice!

    Hi Dan, i changed the spark plugs myself about 4 months ago (with the correct ones as recomended by NGK's website), but oil, filter and air filter hasnt been done yet... we only had the car 8 months or so.
  11. Need Some Advice!

    Hi everyone, i have just joined here in the hope you can give me some help and advice. The Mrs has a 2003 Fiesta Zetec, its just been parked up for a few days whilst we went blackpool in my car... Just went to start it up so i can put mine on the drive again and it wouldnt start, like it had no fuel (but it had a full tank) so after a few presses on the pedal and tried again it started but the sound was horrible from the engine and dark smoke came from the exhaust. So turned it off and checked the oil all was ok there, then started it again and it started first time, but there was white smoke coming from the exhaust this time... i have now left it alone whilst i research what to do incase i do some damage. What would have cause it not to start? The battery wasnt dead, there was petrol and it was only standing for 3 days! Could a Engine Flush and some new oil do the trick with a bottle of redex? what other areas should i be looking at or concentrating on? I've always thought this car lacks some power but i've got a 1.8 Audi A4 so im quite use to that.
  12. New To Here :)

    Hi all, new here but the Ford we have is the other half's car.. i just do the work on it haha I drive an Audi A4 personally :)
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums Stephen_D :)