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  1. Mk6 Fiesta Remote Central Locking

    i finally (this week) fitted my kit, the boot popper does nt work i think i ve got the wrong wire tried Boot release - Black/yellow (Pin 14) wire located in green multiplug of \"GEM\" module but it does not pop, but works fine off the button on the dash still. I just wondered if any one knows what wire in the gem is for the power window up? Cheers, thanks for all those that have supplied me with info on this. Even as it is it is so good to finally have remote locking
  2. Mk6 Fiesta Remote Central Locking

    Just seen your post and there are a few errors in it. The unlock wire you have given as the Green connector is the GREY one, the wire colour and pin number are correct. Again, the boot release is the BROWN connector and not the green connector,the wire colour and pin number are correct. Above errors are easy mistakes to make if you don't read the diagrams correctly. As for the indicator lamps, they differ from the pins I gave but either work, its just that I gave the feed wires for the front and the others are for the rear.
  3. Mk6 Fiesta Remote Central Locking

    Some errors in the click details dan has kindly informed me:
  4. Mk6 Fiesta Remote Central Locking

    I emailed Rclick who advised I also got help from Dan62 Ford Fiesta MK5: (2002-2007) ____________________________________________________________ Transponder immobiliser fitted as standard on all models Siren Location - n/s suspension strut Harness Entry - Main harness grommet n/s bulkhead Chassis Ground - Main earth points bottom of o/s or n/s A pillars Permanent Supply - Heavy red wire located at ignition switch or orange/green (Pin 1) wire located in blue multiplug in o/s under dash \"GEM\" module Ignition Supply - Green/yellow (Pin 3) wire located in white multiplug of \"GEM\" module Starter Immobilisation - n/a Ignition Immobilisation - n/a Fuel Pump Immobilisation - n/a Hazards - Blue (Pin 6) and blue/red (Pin 1) wires located in grey multiplug of \"GEM\" module Door switches - Black/blue (Pin 3) wire located in grey multiplug of \"GEM\" module Boot/tailgate switch - n/a Bonnet Switch - Fit switch Central Locking - Negative Central Locking Lock - Black/orange (Pin 10) wire located in green multiplug of \"GEM\" module Unlock - Black/green (Pin 11) wire located in green multiplug of \"GEM\" module Boot release - Black/yellow (Pin 14) wire located in green multiplug of \"GEM\" module Window Closure - Positive up o/s/f - Test! n/s/f - Test!
  5. Mk6 Fiesta Remote Central Locking

    Hi does anyone have photos of how they have fitted the wires? I bought a kit off ebay which has been in my car for ages now as i have not been brave enough to fit as been hoping a tutorial guide might appear. Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. hi guys i am really really hoping someone can help, i have a tdci zetec 2004 without remote central locking. I have done alot of digging on the net for this and have seen the guide someone on here created. I have know (from what i have read) that any gem starting 6st is a no go as its for the face lift and as mine is a 5 door pre facelift i need one starting 4st which is all fine and I have read the post about the A,B,C,D starting of the two letters at the end of the GEM code relating to what it has. Now i have searched ebay and scrap yards for ANY (2st or 4st) gem ending with a CL or any ending in C - they do not seem to exist! I have found ones ending in DF and DA but have read that you need to have deadlocking on your car for them to function correctly so have not bothered with them. Can someone please put me out of my misery do any remote central locking GEMS without deadlocking and alarms even exist!? Or did all pre facelift if with remote locking meant they had deadlocks two? I have even found DA ending models in early LX cars. Please if you know the answer to this please let me know.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums fiesta0207 :)