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  1. Turbo Not Pulling Focus Tddi

    this what i used on all the joints etc http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/180750150332?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649
  2. Turbo Not Pulling Focus Tddi

    i had a similar problem with my 1.6 tdci..checked the engine bay and found that the air inlet pipe had a crack in it..changed this but still the same...so i went around all the jubilee clips and found that all of them were loose..so tightened all these..then as a secondary measure i put self augmenting tape around all the joins...blimey..what a difference..she goes like poo off a shovel now...using less fuel and pulls like a good un...worked for me..maybe worth looking at all the joints and clips etc...
  3. Heater Climate Control Switch Knobs

    roll on pay day....
  4. Intermittent Rumbling Noise

    after checking all the pipes etc..i found that a lot of jubilee clips were loose..so after tightening them all up the noise has gone...
  5. Intermittent Rumbling Noise

    after listening to this noise carefully now, its sounds like a dump valve. esp in 1st the revs hit around 2000 and there's a loud 'psssssst' noise. i changed the air intake pipe as the little pipe leading of that was cracked, but now i don't where else to look. it doesn't affect the performance of the car as its still quite nippy..i have a 07 1.6 tdci...any suggestions would be great ..and yes you may have to draw pictures..thanks
  6. Intermittent Rumbling Noise

  7. Intermittent Rumbling Noise

    thanks ..its more like whining noise...but only happens when ive been driving for a while...the rev counter hits 2000 revs then the noise kicks in....but then it doesnt happen all the time..
  8. Intermittent Rumbling Noise

    Can anyone help, about two weeks ago my car started to make a 'rumbling' noise whenever i went over 2000 revs, it would then stop for a while then it would come back..not sure what it is. could it be the turbo or a split in a pipe somewhere any help would be great..
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums mrplowmale :)