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  1. Ok cool My zetec already has front footwell lights fitted. Does that mean I can just attach the new footwell lighting to the existing wiring ?
  2. Great set up Tunne1rat, I love it! I'm curious, how tricky was it to install/wire the rear footwells? I would love to know where you got all the parts and how you managed to do it so well!
  3. Fiesta Mk7 Drl Fitting Guide!

    Hey Bower, Im interested to know whether or not you managed to do the modification like Wilko? As I am also very keen to install this exact set up!
  4. Fiesta Mk7 Drl Fitting Guide!

    Love this setup Wilko! I purchased a pair of the 70mm LED rings that you did, but not sure what you mean by fitting them inside the halo rings.... was there plenty of room for the LED ring inside the plastic tube? Also, would you recommend any alternate ways to cover/protect the LED rings?
  5. Thanks iNath! I've seen this guide, but he does not wire his DRL's in the way I want to. I want to know how to wire them directly to the ignition, without the use of relays and want not.
  6. Hello everybody, My name is Matt and I drive an Arctic White 2010 Ford Fiesta Zetec Mk7. I've had it for over 2 years now, and absolutely love it! I've been looking to make some modifications to my car in the near future, and I hope you friendly people at the Ford Owners Club will be able to help :D
  7. Hello fellow Ford Fiesta Fanatics! I'm brand new to the Ford Owners Club and just have a quick query regarding the wiring of DRL's. I bought a pair of these LED Halo Rings http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1497.l2649 and I would like to know what is the easiest way to wire them so that they turn on with the ignition of my Ford Fiesta Zetec Mk7 Im guessing its got something to do with the Ignition Live connection, but not 100% sure. Any help would be so awesome! :D edit: I probably should have added that I have perused the guide sections, and have seen Wilko-S1600's comprehensive guide to installing his DRL's, but he has set his up differently to what I'm after.
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums xenium12 :)

    1. xenium12


      Thanks Steve :)