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  1. Like-For-Like Or Be Free?

    I am not looking for pros vs cons of having summer tyres and winter tyres, I don't mind if I have to change wheels 8 times every year when I have to change them between summer and winter. I'm just thinking about buying four alloys and have them fitten with winter tyres, while I keep the summer tyres on the current alloys on my car. I just want to be clear on buying alloys, correct me if I'm wrong... Do I have to buy alloys on a like-for-like bias as what I already have on my car? For example, if my alloys on my car is say 15", do I have to buy 15" alloys? Or if my alloys on my car is 15", and I want extra alloys (to be fitten with winter tyres) can I just go for different sizes, like 14" or 16", or can I decide to opt for steel wheels instead of alloys? Of course, my question do take into allowance the number of nuts needed, therefore I'm sure I need to match number of nuts on the new alloys/steel to same as my car, so just wondering if the whole wheel have to be match on like-for-like or can I change to different?
  2. Would This Be An Mot Failure ?

    It will be assessed on its merts and will fail if... Less than 50% of the light sources is illuminating, Obscured so less than 50% illuminating surface is visible. Not visible from a reasonable distance due to having productions on the lens or light source. And to pass it must show correct colour. This is from a downloadable MOT handbook in pdf format, so therefore... You should be advised to double check with a garage rather than do a DIY project, there's a good chance that the garage could get it tinted for you correctly, while you yourself would mistakenly made it too darken and get it failed the MOT. Also, if I remember rightly, I once watched one of those real-life documentary programmes where television cameras followed police, and the police stopped a car due to having darken brake lights/rear lights/or fog lights, don't recall, which part. The police told the driver that his cool look is illegal becuase instead of tinting the glass, the driver actually decided to paint the mirrors inside the housing darker. I think that the officer imply that tinting the brake light should be fine if not made too dark, but tinting or totally painting the mirrors or tinting the blub is no-no. There is no mention of reverse lights in the MOT handbook therefore I assume reverse lights are not part of the MOT, so you could tint it as you wish, but rear fog lights are MOT item, so be careful there, remember not to make them less than half of their original brightness.
  3. Car Names

    The Defiant. Named after USS Defiant, NCC-74205, from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  4. Warning Shocking And To The Point

    I agree but there's nothing much more we can do, it is the human nature, even checking your left blind spot by looking over your left shoulder, for the cyclist you were sure is supposed to be somewhere in your blind spot, may be an important safety thing, but well then there you go, your mind is thinking about if the cyclist is still within your blind spot, your mind is not on what is ahead of you on the road, and your eyes are off the road, taking a quick look to confirm that cyclist is there or not there, so even if you have to focus 100% on what is ahead, you could still knock the cyclist down because you did not see the cyclist. No matter how hard we try, we can't be 100% free of accidents, one way or another it will happen, you got to remember Murphy's Law. Unless we all give up cars. Are you that guy who found the woman doing a crossword strapped to her leg? I still remember that documentary programme on television years ago, a police officer mention during interview that he drove past a car, found a woman strap a crossword puzzle to her tights, and was working on it, I believe she was travelling from London to Manchester. Unless you meant to say that there are actually other people doing the same thing somewhere else??
  5. Warning Shocking And To The Point

    Where is he going to swerve to? Swerve to the left and he drives off the road and into trees or whatever. Swerve to the right, and he drives into oncoming traffic, the cars behind the girl's car. As for right after the impact of the two cars, why was there another car coming on the wrong side of the road? Well, it could be a car behind the car that is behind the girl's car, and he had started overtaking. It is possible that you can start overtaking just when accident happens. Anyway, the girl who was texting, her actions will lead to other things happening.
  6. Pirelli Or Silverstone?

    I think that most of those cars may get the same sort of cut at the same location, but how bad depends on how close the inside wall of their tyres were to the outer edge of the kerb. So in theory, one car's tyre may be right at the edge, it gave it a big deep cut, and there you have a sudden blow-out, like what happened to Massa, his car got a blew-out right at the corner, casuing him to spin off the track, facing the wrong way, and he did this amazing U-turn with a blew tyre just to try to get back on track, well if it was Massa, but if not Massa, then the other guy. And for others, if they're too close but not right at the edge, they get a cut that may start to get bigger and bigger, they may be lucky enough to drive on for a while, but sooner or later, their tyres blew-out, like those who had their tyres blew-out while they were on the straights. So the blew-outs happens here and there, making it look like it could be debris all over the track did that. So out comes the safety car, the F1 cars slow down, the marshalls came on the tracks and tried to clean it up as best as they could. But i recall that while it was happening, there was reports that Pirelli informed all teams to please tell their drivers to stay away from that kerb. After that, drivers stayed away from the kerb, so no more blew-outs for a while, so it would give the impressation that the clean up of the track did the job. It wasn't until one more car got too close to the kerb and then got a blew-out! No you are not wrong and I vaule your option, you do have a point, drivers would want to get to know the track, walk around it, drive around it, look at photos of every corners, whatever they do, I've seen the movie 'Cool Runnings' where the driver looked at photos of every turns to remember what to do, so I assume drivers are likely to do something similar. Yes, they will be rules, do not go over that kerb, stay within the white lines, oh by the way, if you go over that kerb, there's a sharp edge on the outside edge of that kerb, you get a cut on your tyres, that's your fault for going off the track too much, so don't blame the kerb, I agree with you, but here's the problem... Sometimes you are forced by other cars to go off track. It's that car trying to overtake you on the outside of a bend, and he's getting too close to you, you're forced to get even more closer to the kerb, and if you know there's a sharp edge on that kerb, you're thinking "Oh just !Removed! great! My tyre is gonna get a cut!" Yeah, drivers shouldn't be there, but sometimes they are forced there anyway. PS: I also agree with you Foci_st3, that tyres should be made to have harder sidewalls and shoulders, to ensure they don't get cuts from sharp kerbs or other cars' front wings.
  7. Pirelli Or Silverstone?

    I agree too. Safety rules is not just there for its primary role, to ensure the safefy of the drivers, but also for its secondary role, it already makes F1 challenging and interesting enough, (it is easy to break the rules to win, but it is more challenging and harder to try to design a safer car, and to drive it safety within the rules,) without Pirelli thinking ramping up the danger levels.
  8. Pirelli Or Silverstone?

    Is there a different between the usual side wall as we know it which we can see and the side wall that is on the other side of the tyre? I mean, I assume the outer side of the side walls would be designed to be tough because sometimes the side walls get touched by other cars' front wings, other tyres, and so on, it seems that according to the camera view of the kerb, the drivers's cars, if too far to the left, would result in the other side of the side-walls against the outer edge of the kerb.
  9. Pirelli Or Silverstone?

    During the 2013 British Grand Prix at Silverstone, 5 cars had their tyres blew out (4 of them had their rear wheels blew while the other 1 had its front wheel blew, I believe according to reports but neverless...) all are actually on the left side. At the end of the race, during post-race interviews, one of the BBC reporters and a camera crew went out to the left-hand corner where it seems to be where the cars get the tyre cuts that leads to blow-outs, they showed that the kerb seems to have a little step. But considering that Pirelli who supplied the tyres to all F1 team, if I remember, didn't FIA suggest new rules that tyres must be designed to last shorter time rather than longer time, in order to ensure cars come in for more pit-stops, because when to come in and change tyres is part of the game. Because of that, could Pirelli have designed a much weaker range of tyres? I'm rather confuse. Should Silverstone having some parts of its course, like the kerb at that corner which cut the tyres leading to blowouts be at fault for having unsafe tracks,, or should it be Pirelli's fault for badly design of the tyres, weren't they supposed to make the tyre itself wear out faster but ensure the tyre walls should be strong enough, maybe lower standards than what the FIA asked for?
  10. Ios 7

    Nuts! I have a 1st generation iPad which can only use iOS 5, and can't use iOS 6 let alone iOS 7. In my option it is nuts of companies like Apple or Microsoft to upgrade their system in a short time! It had only just been barely one year since iOS 6 came out and already they want to go for iOS 7...??? What happens next? 6 months after iOS 7, it's "Oh look! The all new iOS 8", then 3 months after iOS 8, it's "Oh look! The all new iOS 9". If we can actually still drive cars that are like 10 years old, if we can use cameras that are like 20 years old (as long as there's still 35mm film to buy), and in my case, if I can still use a 15 years old computer still running on Windows 98, then I don't see why can't we use iOS 5 for as much as 5 years before thinking of letting out iOS 6, then wait 5 years later before iOS 7? How would you feel if you bought a car, only one year later, all the petrol companies change the petrol formula, and you get to be told that your car can't run on the new petrol unless you opt for either changing the engine or buying a new car, and after you opt to change either the engine or the car, just a couple of years later, all petrol companies again change the petrol formula? If companies like Apple and Microsoft start changing their software every year, and forcing people to spend on new technology, like for example, I can't use 1st generation iPad so have to buy 4th generation iPad, sooner or later, many of us will start getting fed up like most of us feel whenever football teams changes their looks and the shops sells the new look, and kids are rather pushy, wanting the up-to-date look, and the parents are staring to complaint that those football shirts are rather too expensive, especially as it had only been a year since they bought the last one! Sometimes I wonder if the short shelf life of Windows 7 and iOS 6 imply the software developers are not very good at their jobs and can't even make a software that last long, so it's now Windows 8 and iOS 7, I would not be surprised if next year, it's already Windows 9 and iOS 8. I heard that PS4 and Xbox One are not backwards compareable with older games, so what happens if there's PS5 and Xbox (whatever they're going to call the next one), I would not be surprised if games for PS4 and Xbox One are not playable on the next generation consoles!! If those software changes in short time, then well, they're not good enough if they can't last long!!
  11. My experience with two different Ford-approved garage in Malvern was... First was clutch developed a fault so car was in for repairs. Garage contact my mother to let me know that a few other minor work would be needed at the same time as they take the engine out for the major work, otherwise it would be a waste of time to take engine out for major work, put it back, later should any other problems started to go wrong, they would need to take engine out again. I thought about it and agreed, well I should have asked for the garage to list what other work is needed to be done but I never thought of it. When I got the car back, althought the major repair work and few other minor work were done with the engine and clutch, the work also included replacing one of the tyres with a budget tyre due to the fact that it was at the legal limit. But I had already ordered two new tyres and my car was going to be booked in at a different garage for two tyres at legal limit to be replaced. The second was that I had a themostat housing problem, car was taken to a different Ford approved garage, they fixed it, but some weeks later during an MOT, I was told about a leakage from the themostat housing. It seems the garage did not do its work correctly. That's enough experience to put me off Ford-approved garages so I'm using independent garages now.
  12. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    Trained in photography, mainly as a photographer's assistant and darkroom techincal, also trained in graphic design. At the moment, I'm out of work mainly due to having kids, one of whom is special needs.
  13. I'm Supposed To Be....but.....

    Thanks for the suggestions but those companies sounds more of a "pick'n'mix" customise computers. Don't you even get the feeling when you try your best to save up for something you want, be it brand new computer, big screen television, tickets to the FA cup final, or even a holiday overseas, only to find your own car got other plans for your savings? I really got to get to custom build my next computer and bought the HAF case, but oh no, the car needs parts while my brand new HAF stays empty and stays in the box for a few months.
  14. I'm supposed to be trying to buy spare parts for my Ford Focus that have a coolant leak, managed to get replacement thermostat housing, awaiting for silicone coolant hose, looking around for a garage to fix my car, trying to set aside as much money as I can for the repairs, but... Well, I do have 14 years old computer that will be 15 years old by this Novemeber, still running on Windows 98 (that's 98 not 98SE) and although I can do some graphic design work on it, it's taking a while to do this and that work, including saving the files. i've planned a project to custom build my own next computer, was supposed to do it last year, but got sidetracked, all I got was Windows 7. So although the car is having problems, I just found a tower in the local Maplin shop, had asked if I could open it and look inside, it's good enough for my needs. It's a Cooler Master HAF XM. Now that I got the tower and Operating System but no motherboard, no CPU, no RAM, not even a power supply, looks like that was as far as I got. Well the project's on hold for now so I'll now try to keep on the car and hope to get her fixed by end of this month.