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  1. Ecoboost 1 Litre - Possible Engine Issues

    Jimrex, inath - thanks. That's useful to know Diesel pig did you base that on just idling while sitting in the car? It does feel smooth when I'm in the drivers seat. The shaking of the engine itself was only noticeable visually when the bonnet was up, but it seems as though it doesn't transfer to the vehicle itself... Did you take a look under the hood? I DID run it past the ford dealership yesterday but no mechanics were in. The sales guy took a look and said it seemed fine, but I wasn't entirely confident with his analysis
  2. Hi there. I have a new fiesta with a 1litre petrol ecoboost engine, 500 miles on the clock so far. Yesterday while driving the yellow power train warning light came on (a spanner symbol). There was no loss of power. I manually restarted the engine at the next traffic lights, and the warning turned off and remained off. Concerned there might be an issue, I started paying extra attention to the car behaviour, in the process picking up on stuff that is possibly entirely normal but I hadn't noticed before. Firstly, when I switch the car off, there is a 2-3 second 'whine', like something that has been spinning slowing down. Secondly, the engine makes a hell of a rattle and tick at idle. Compared to my dads Lexus where the engine is visibly still when the hood is open, the ecoboost is literally rattling quite heavily, while making a ticking sound. Is this normal for the ecoboost engine? I tried to video this but It's difficult to pick up both the sound and shaking with a handheld iPhone camera. The car otherwise shows no adverse driving behaviour, and is as you'd expect from a new car. Any thoughts appreciated. It may be entirely normal, but I've only payed attention since the warning light came on yesterday and I'm not sure if the issues might be connected.
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums regulator86 :)