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  1. Stiff gear change

    Thanks I'll change the oil and see If It helps.
  2. I bought a 98 Verona 1800 recently, two careful owners service history and only 56000 miles, It's In great condition so I'd like to keep on top of things If I can. The only thing I can fault It on Is selecting second and reverse gear, when used for the first time second gear Is a bit stiff to engage but gets easier after a while, reverse Is a bit stiff to engage permanently. It's not really a problem but I cant see It getting any better and you do need to wiggle the stick and sometimes use a bit of force. Is this a clutch problem or does It sound like the linkage. I have a garage and manual and I've done a bit of mechanical stuff In the past, does this sound like something I could tackle myself or something more serious. I was paid off recently so DIY would be my best option...........Thanks.
  3. Noise behind headlights on a mk 2

    Thanks SY99, It was the motor, although the headlights are stationary the motor keeps making a noise I found If I keep adjusting the height I can find a position where the motor stops making the noise. Luckily the height It's quiet at Is OK so It will do till I can look at It properly........Thanks.
  4. I know this question was asked before but It didn't get any replies so I thought I'd try. I've noticed a noise behind the headlights when the lights are on and the engine Is not running, Is this normal. It's like a pulsing buzz.....Thanks