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  1. Focus 1.8 lower wishbone

    Cheers Stef thanks for reply thats what I wanted to know regarding the rivets wasnt sure if I could just replace them with bolts.
  2. Focus 1.8 lower wishbone

    Hi all, just fitted a new driveshaft to my 1.8 01 zetec and the rubber on the wishbone ball joint has perished can I get a new ball joint or is it a full wishbone? Regards Stew
  3. Ford Focus 1.8 Ztec Problems

    Cheers Bill, how much cv grease do I need to add into the inner cvs ?
  4. Ford Focus 1.8 Ztec Problems

    Also in the drive shafts is it only the passanger side that has a circlip goint into transmission end ?
  5. Ford Focus 1.8 Ztec Problems

    Last night I fitted the gearbox and block back into the car should have head back any day soon then back on with rebuilding it. just need to sort the shafts. Gaz heres a pic of the tripod http://autorepair.about.com/library/graphics/cv_joint.gif when doing a cv joint how much grease do I need to add to the boot ?
  6. Ford Focus 1.8 Ztec Problems

    Hi Gaz, It looks like the belt slipped due to missing teeth so thats whats help to bent the valves. I have checked the piston heights and all look ok so no con rod damage. As with the tripod I was told that you cant buy them seperatly you have to get full drive shaft any ideas where I can get them from ?
  7. Ford Focus 1.8 Ztec Problems

    Anyone ?
  8. Ford Focus 1.8 Ztec Problems

    Hey everyone not been on here for a while havent toutched the focus for abit aswell but finally got round to stripping it down. Once I got the head off I found that all 8 of the exhaust valves were bent. So I took the head to a engine specialist to have a look at and they said it will cost me £90 for 8 new valves fitted and a head skim is this a good price ? Also Ive had the passangers drive shaft apart and there is a problem with the tripod one of the bearing has come off do I need to replace the whole tripod or can I get just a new bearing ?
  9. Ford focus 1.8 head bolts rounded

    Hey everyone, I was trying to get the cylinder head off the car today and i snapped a t45 torx and it has rounded the head bolt how can i get it out any ideas would be cool. regards stew
  10. Ford Focus 1.8 Ztec Problems

    Ive just done a compression test on car and all 4 spark plugs read 0 the gaugue didnt even move I have the right connector and the compressor works as I tried it on another car is this pointing to internal damage ?
  11. Ford Focus 1.8 Ztec Problems

    Well over the weekend I had another play with the focus. I tryed to set the cams to TDC so I could use the holding bar. So I slackend off the cam sprockets and alligened the slots so that the bar could fit in I had already set the bottom timing using the timing pin. put it all back together and nothing. its still doing the same thing. looks like im gonna have to take the head off.
  12. Ford Focus 1.8 Ztec Problems

    Does anyone know what size spanner I need to use to hold the cams while I undo the sprocket bolts ?
  13. Ford Focus 1.8 Ztec Problems

    Hi Fordtech, I have had the cam cover off and the cams are spinning there is a video on page 2. I will take off the bottom pulley and dp what you said. regards stew
  14. Ford Focus 1.8 Ztec Problems

    Heres a pic of the timing mark if anyones intrested. It was taken from focusfanatics.com its just to the right of the 2nd paint mark.
  15. Ford Focus 1.8 Ztec Problems

    I tryed the screwdriver down the No.1 plug and got it to the highest point and the cms were out but I did manage to find the timing mark on the engine and thats was lined up. So im gonna have to set the cams i think.