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  1. Focus Tdci Performance Mods

    Hey Sal, sorry when i said i've played around with the turbo i meant ive changed the intercooler! but i had some power issues last week/ not really sure what so i have reverted back to the original one for the time being until i can get to the bottom of the problem. Also, thanks for the info about the t piece..but that would be a vacuum wouldnt it? and i'm after an electronic reading :( . my car showed up 169 bhp on the dyno...not sure what map but i can dig the papers out if you like? i didn't kno you had a denso system as well??
  2. Focus Tdci Performance Mods

    Hey guys, sorry for not having been in touch..i'm having a denso navigation blowout weekend! i've decided i want my voice commands feature to work, so i need to replce one of the modules on the deso nav and i also need to swap over the chassis as some of my mounting clips are broken..i though i might as well swap over some of my black boring buttons to silver ones....i have two nav systems on the floor of my girlfriend's house at the moment..all in about 25 different pieces...ever got the feeling you've bitten off more than you can chew :s ??
  3. Focus Tdci Performance Mods

    Ahh, i do Sal, yes. Thanks for that, i'll check the sensor tomorrow and see if i can hook it up! That video is good, and i love the gauges he's done but on youtube it says thats hes put different gauges in but hidden them? It would appear that his 'turbo/boost' gauge is more like an acceleration gauge, because the needle wouldn't be moving at 20mph! Turbo kicks in around 40 mph! so not sure what he's done there...? The oil temperature appears to be off too - think he's probably wired up the engine temp gauge instead? All in all though, still cool :P You seem to know your stuff :D any pics? And..huntingdon or ford fair this year? you going?
  4. Focus Tdci Performance Mods

    Hey Sal :) it's annoying me i can't think what i bought off you? any ideas? And thank you mate, the compliment means a lot to me. What's OP (sorry :s) did not realise someone else had managed the gauges? He's clearly a glory hunter, on a quest to keep it a secret! What stuff you after? I once got a full set of RS interior seats and door cards within 48 hours of someone asking me if i could get them..think that's been my biggest achievement in terms of parts acquisition :P (was a bit of the lady luck on my side too mind you :P )
  5. Focus Tdci Performance Mods

    Back breaking would be putting it lightly gary, but so so worth it. or maybe not? haha. we shall see. Yes yes, getting back on track, sorry pal. My biggest thing at the moment is getting this damn gauge to fully work..turbo issue is frustrating, but i got a couple of people on it so hopefully we'll come up with a solution! and yes the steering wheel..interesting..i'll see if i can come up with a solution...its the cruise control thats the big issue :s Yes, i went for the 1.8 because its a ford engine, and doesn't have a damned DPF (which is my absolute hate) but your tax is probably cheaper to be fair :P ...heard so much about the others..have you had any problems with yours? performance wise, i've had a remap, custom exhaust, might have played with the turbo somewhat (wink wink) i've done a massive big disc conversion and took it onto the dyno few weeks back and it was running 169... one off st170 spec :( so not bad. It ices them though because of the torque :P I'll keep you posted about the seats, also if you hear anything bout the gauges let me know ;) Ford Fair this year? or huntingdon?
  6. Denso Sat Nav Disc

    okay, not a problem. do you know the part number of the denso unit by any chance? is it a 3 series or a five series..? Reason i ask is because i seem to remember just having read something that someone said in this post about copied discs frying your headunit..this is only true if you use the wrong disc for the wrong series? Anyway, i'll have a dig around and try to find it for you..i seem to remember that its the 2010 version..? is that any good for you? it isn't a copy...was only mentioning the copies because if you wanted a 1012 update then you could save money by getting a copied one off flea bay? Firmware would be good as well as that will keep everything running in sync...
  7. Focus Tdci Performance Mods

    Oh and Gary..15 quid??! Bet you were laughing, that's an absolute steal pal! :D Looking forward to seeing your st kit on your car..bet you're super excited too? I sold my last set of seats a few weeks ago, but i'll keep my ear to the ground for you in anything come up mate :) i might be getting an order in in the next few weeks and there might be a gauge pod in there..never really know what i'm getting till i open up the box...i'll let you know :) i once found a dried up toad in one of my boxes...there was a ridiculous joke that someone made up to go with it but yeah..i was a bit surprised finding that fella up in there! And lenny..my mate and i used the loom of the nav to test, and then hardwired it in via the cars main loom...
  8. Paul, excellent job with the analog clock .. look amazing and stock as Lenny said :) but where are you going to put your rear seat entertainment control panel now :O
  9. Denso Sat Nav Disc

    You still after a denso disc mate? do you need the firmware or the maps disc? I can probably help you out :)
  10. Focus Tdci Performance Mods

    Hey up all! Here are two of the photos of my tdcI from this weekend! GForce, thanks for that, having a photobucket account does seem a bit laborious! It's easier to up these photos as an attachment! Alos, made selling the st 500 a lot easier when i got an offer of 14000 for it :P ;) for that much, i even delivered it and opened her up one last time along the m5, m6 .. anywhere i could get away with it to be honest! I've just finished changing over my roof lining too...pics attached :) let me know what you all think...oh, and obviously, i had to fit a ford dtandard sat nav..wiring was a complete !Removed!, taking me more than a week of 10 hour slots to do :s but the retro fit looks mint i think..!
  11. Focus Tdci Performance Mods

    Hi Sal! Thanks for the info. I'm working at the moment but will do it tomorrow around midday. Also i'll reply to any posts then as well. Unless i can get a ford owners club app on my phone, then i'll sneak off at work to check out what's going on! Yes, ebay. Or maybe you've met me and i've done some car related jobs for you in the past?
  12. Focus Tdci Performance Mods

    Definitely..how do i add images to my posts Gary? Sorry if it's a dumb question but i can't work it out :s . Yes, tis me from flea bay! Well noticed. I was told by practically everyone that it's not possible to wire up the originals, but i've managed it to a certain extent (read my previous posts if you haven't already). I've got a bit of a thing for only using original parts etc. Yes that is my car in the avatar. I sold my st500 in January (i always told myself i wouldnt but i was offered a crazy crazy amount) since then, i've missed it but not missed the fuel costs and in the time it took me that i was choosing my next car, i picked up a tdci focus fairly cheaply and because of all the junk and spare parts i had in my garage and needing to move out, i thought instead of selling them, id try to make the best damn focus st500 replica possible! So that's what i did. I'm in the process of staring up a photo bucket account if you want to see more of it? What do you think so far? Also, i could probably get you most parts you need..was it something in particular you wanted? How much is member discount? 40 % ??! haha! ;)
  13. Focus Tdci Performance Mods

    Lenny, Your guide is good and extremely informative, but it is possible to fit the Standard Focus ST gauges to a non-ST Focus and even an ST Mondeo. Soon as i can get photobucket to work with my browser, i'll link in some photos of the st gauges in my tdci :P
  14. Focus Tdci Performance Mods

    How do i include images in a post? :s i want to show you what i've done so far..? :D
  15. thanks mate :)