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  1. NickST

    Stereo Dilemma.

    Thanks, that's really helpful. You clearly know your stuff! You mention it has the wrong steering wheel and gearknob. Could you possibly inform me which would be the correct ones to have? Is it just a matter of colour (red stitching) as if so I don't think they would match the seats which don't have the red stitching. The gearkknob I could fit myself, but I'm not sure I would be competent enough to do the steering wheel. I have already changed the pedals for proper Ford drilled ones. Nick
  2. NickST

    Stereo Dilemma.

    Thanks for the info re the models, I went back to the ebay ad which I bought the car from, out of interest. It looks to be a Titanium with Sports pack 2. Have decided to boycott the radio and play CDs :-)
  3. NickST

    Stereo Dilemma.

    Thanks everyone, for your help so far. 137699 - in that case I have no idea what model I've got! Previous owner obviously added the `ST' badges. It just says `Titanium' on the back, `2.5T' on the side. It has half leather seats, looks to be a little lower than the standard S Max and has air intake grilll thingees above the front wheels. In terms of the stereo, thanks for the advice I'll look out for one of those on ebay. Stoney 871, thanks for the knowledge re the blue wire. That would make sense. BTMaldon, thanks for confirming the reception on the Chinese units is rubbish. Yeah, the blue wire is disconnected, we didn't do anything with it. I think the S Max FM aerial on the quarterlight window is fitted with a booster as standard (I may be wrong) and was just wondering, given the `crapness' of the Chinese unit, whether it was even built to send the power up the aerial cable. Nick
  4. NickST

    Stereo Dilemma.

    Hi folks. We recently bought a second hand S Max ST which we're really pleased with, except with the stereo. It is an after market Chinese unit which does everything (including digital TV) but all we really want to do is listen to the radio and play CDs. The FM reception is lousy - unlistenable even on the station transmitted from about three fields away (Heart Essex). A local guy came out yesterday, pulled it out and took a look but couldn't help matters, and removed £55 from my wallet for his time (fair enough, but from my perspective I don't want to waste any more money on it). With the head unit removed, the wiring all looks fine and the aerial is connected. The only ray of hope I had was a blue wire which said `12v' and wasn't connected to anything. I was sure (wishful thinking) this was going to be the supply to the aerial booster, and simply connecting this to the aerial cable would send 12 v back up to the booster and fix the problem. The professional who came out told me that this was not the case, and that the 12v was sent up straight from the head unit through the centre core of the aerial. I am now wondering if the head unit is actually sending this 12v up the aerial if it is an aftermarket one? If it's not then obviously an unpowered aerial booster will block most of the signal from the aerial and cause the dreadful reception. Perhaps I should just disconnect the booster which I believe is located in the void above the quarterlight window, which is where the aerial is. I took a look but wimped out as it looked quite close to an air bag mechanism and I could just see me creating another problem!! I know the head unit is not good quality. My guy has told me the unit is at fault, and quoted many dollars to replace it with a more basic but higher quality item. It might be that someone on here has been in this situation and can offer some advice? Thanks in advance for any help Nick
  5. NickST

    New Member

    Hi everyone, I'm Nick. I'm based in Chelmsford, Essex. We have just bought a second hand (57) S Max 2.5 ST which we're really pleased with. It is a bit better than our previous vehicle - a Citroen Xsara Picasso! Have just one issue with it, I'll try to find an appropriate part of the site and start a thread about it. Regards Nick
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums NickST :)