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  1. Paint Codes

    Thanks Stoney, that was a great help. Now I know it's Metropolis Blue, I just need to decide on replacing the wing or getting it painted properly... Cheers, Barry
  2. Paint Codes

    How do I find out what paint code/name my mk 1.5 focus has? Is it an easy DIY job to change a front wing? Mine currently has had a dodgy paint repair on the passenger wing and I've seen a few being broken on ebay in what looks like the same colour so weighing up the option to buy and change the wing or get the existing one properly sorted! Cheers, Baz
  3. Hi All, I've just recently purchased a 2003 Focus 1.6 Ghia as a replacement for my company car (Mk 7 Fiesta Zetec S). As much as I'm missing my Fiesta - it was a great car - I'm looking forward to my commute in the Focus. The Focus has a few issues which I'll be looking at and it's yet to get it's first detail in my ownership so some good tinkering to be had over the coming weeks! It would be great to see any OEM+ styling on the MK1 Focus - I've not seen too much done on here as it's mainly newer models... Cheers, Barry
  4. Hi again, I appreciate my first post being a load of questions isn't ideal, but if anyone has any thoughts on the above it would be greatly appreciated. Particularly interested in anything on the front wiper issue and the radio reception (now seem to pick up interference from the engine!). Now the evenings are brighter I'll be looking at the other items when I get the chance. Thanks, Barry
  5. Hi, I’ve just come out of a company car scheme and bought a Focus as my car for doing my daily commute in. I bought a low mileage ’03 plate 1.6 Ghia – it’s got leather and all the toys I assume came with this spec at the time (heated seats, heated front windscreen, etc.). It does have a few faults I didn’t notice prior to picking up the car that I want to get sorted so am looking for some help and advice on how to fix them: - Front windscreen wipers do not do the ‘single wipe’ function – they move for as long as you hold the stalk for in this mode (the normal function/intermittent wipe works fine) - Rear washer jet does not work – front jets work fine - Reverse light doesn’t work and lens looks to have water in it – how do I clear this and is it going to be related to the light not working? - A few interior parts have seen better days (handbrake lever, rubber cup holder mats, etc.) are these readily available new or am I looking at ebay for better quality second hand parts? - Any recommendations on where I can get a good set of mats/mud flaps - The reception on the radio is a bit patchy (especially on MW – listening to TalkSport for example) are there any fixes to improve this or has anyone fitted a DAB head unit cheaply? Appreciate that’s a long list so thanks for reading and providing some help! Cheers, Barry
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Baz_N :)