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  1. Hi all, MY61 Kuga has developed an audio fault, I have the radio code and I can enter it however the next day the code will have been forgotten by the unit and ill have to re enter it. the battery is new as I replaced this as the old one was in from new. is there anything I can do or has the unit gone wrong? thanks Dave
  2. Italiandave

    Help, Big Sat Nav Nx For Kuga - Surround Part

    Believe it's climate control, can be set separately - has black and red display....
  3. Italiandave

    Help, Big Sat Nav Nx For Kuga - Surround Part

    I want to fit one of these But have only the small square head unit
  4. Hello, Does anybody know the part number of the stereo surround I would need to change my normal square head unit to the bigger touch screen one? It's proving to be very difficult to get a smaller square ls RNS with video input - was considering the larger nx Thanks
  5. Cool, thanks for clearing that up
  6. Last question, do you then buy a fakra to RCA lead off eBay? Couldn't you buy a single fakra to double fakra lead if your unit only has one? Or is it a totally different input Thanks
  7. Where's the blank part??? Sorry I'm useless with ice,
  8. So Tom, the back of the stereo needs 2 of these? Are there certain model numbers or just check there are 2 of these inputs?
  9. Wow, thanks for the reply... Any pictures as I have no idea what are fakras lol
  10. Hi, As per title can they? Also will I need to plug a ford diagnostic device into my car if I add one of these units? Struggling to find a silver sat nav unit to fit into my wife's kuga Thanks
  11. Italiandave

    Ford Sat Nav $64,000,000 Questions

    Any model numbers? I've not bought a stereo for a decade lol
  12. Italiandave

    Ford Sat Nav $64,000,000 Questions

    I've seen a 7inch touch screen in a kuga before... What else do I need to change to get it working ?
  13. Italiandave

    Adding an ipod adaptor - Can it be done ?

    So I literally remove blank plate, fit this part and my 6000 unit will play USB ? Would I phone work on it?
  14. Italiandave

    Ford Sat Nav $64,000,000 Questions That's the one I ment, didn't realise it did not have rds. I agree front wire with USB isn't ideal... But the unit looks pretty factory in silver... Has anybody got experience of car vision?
  15. Italiandave

    Ford Sat Nav $64,000,000 Questions

    The. It starts getting expensive and not plug n play right? Seen all the wiring for USB come in at a lot of money... Hmmm See why people go for Chinese or aftermarket Has anybody used this company? Looks quality product...