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  1. Hi all, MY61 Kuga has developed an audio fault, I have the radio code and I can enter it however the next day the code will have been forgotten by the unit and ill have to re enter it. the battery is new as I replaced this as the old one was in from new. is there anything I can do or has the unit gone wrong? thanks Dave
  2. Believe it's climate control, can be set separately - has black and red display....
  3. I want to fit one of these But have only the small square head unit
  4. Hello, Does anybody know the part number of the stereo surround I would need to change my normal square head unit to the bigger touch screen one? It's proving to be very difficult to get a smaller square ls RNS with video input - was considering the larger nx Thanks
  5. Last question, do you then buy a fakra to RCA lead off eBay? Couldn't you buy a single fakra to double fakra lead if your unit only has one? Or is it a totally different input Thanks
  6. So Tom, the back of the stereo needs 2 of these? Are there certain model numbers or just check there are 2 of these inputs?
  7. Wow, thanks for the reply... Any pictures as I have no idea what are fakras lol
  8. Hi, As per title can they? Also will I need to plug a ford diagnostic device into my car if I add one of these units? Struggling to find a silver sat nav unit to fit into my wife's kuga Thanks
  9. Any model numbers? I've not bought a stereo for a decade lol
  10. I've seen a 7inch touch screen in a kuga before... What else do I need to change to get it working ?
  11. So I literally remove blank plate, fit this part and my 6000 unit will play USB ? Would I phone work on it?
  12. That's the one I ment, didn't realise it did not have rds. I agree front wire with USB isn't ideal... But the unit looks pretty factory in silver... Has anybody got experience of car vision?
  13. The. It starts getting expensive and not plug n play right? Seen all the wiring for USB come in at a lot of money... Hmmm See why people go for Chinese or aftermarket Has anybody used this company? Looks quality product...