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  1. Bumper Front Lip?

    Ok now price?
  2. Bumper Front Lip?

    Could a normal car body shop not fit it on? and will the scratches come out if resprayed to panther black?
  3. Bumper Front Lip?

    Yes!, Im in the west mids so could collect :P
  4. Bumper Front Lip?

    Its the part above that :P
  5. Bumper Front Lip?

    Does anybody know where I can buy a fiesta mk7 front bumper lip? Can't find it anywhere? :( EDIT: This part:
  6. Alloy Colour?

    Tempted haha, Need to give them in tomorrow
  7. Alloy Colour?

    My car is in for repair tomorrow and I'm getting the alloys refurbed. Currently car is panther black and alloys are gunmetal grey. I'm considering getting the car all black. 3 Options are: Gloss black Satin black Gunmetal grey Any feedback is appreciated.
  8. Update: Guy finally admitted he hit me after loads of phone calls from the insurance + me ;) Car is in for repair tomorrow!!!
  9. It was all going well, i gave them a estimate and the assessor came out but now they are saying they can't do anything. The guy looked dodgey gave me a fake name and false insurance details but with his plate I found his correct company. I will go to the police station tomorrow to see if they can help Thanks guy!
  10. After spending so much money on my car some stupid driver pulled out of a side road and dented my doors :(. He didn't want to go through insurance and told me he wanted to do it privately. I decided not to listen to him and went through his insurance, I have filed a claim and it was all going fine until he decided not to reply to any letters or phone calls. I am now stuck as they won't proceed with fixing my car until he replies which I doubt he will. I am just wondering what the next step is if the guy never replies? There has to be some sort of law again't this or else everybody can just not reply to the insurance company.
  11. Drive Other Cars?

    After many hours of searching only CO - OP offer it for under 25's. So I may just consider paying £4400 for 1 year :'(
  12. How often and how do you clean your car on the weekend ;). Due to college I only get time twice a week but have spent some money on some new stuff ;). My process: 1. Light rinse 2. SNOWFOAM! 3. Wash off after 10 minutes. 4. Iron x the car (DO THIS!) 5. Clean the engine and dress it. 6. Clean and then seal the alloys. 7. Two bucket method to clean car using microfibre mit. 8. Clay the car. 9. Polish 10. Treat all the plastics on the car. 11. Wax. 12. All the glass on the car. 13. Lastly all the interior
  13. Drive Other Cars?

    Ok, so your brother is the second driver?, I might call up and ask as my parents have had their Q7 insured with them for a while so I might see if I can get it ;)
  14. Drive Other Cars?

    Really? I checked the direct line website and they said you need to be 25
  15. Drive Other Cars?

    Could you maybe recommend any companies? My parents own a construction business so maybe I could try trade. What companies would you recommend for trade?