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  1. A puddle of water in the boot

    Got a Fiesta van at a Ford dealer in Inverness in 2013. Noticed the same problem and reported it before the first service. Think they did something with the rear door seal and it fixed the issue. I'm sure there'll be other threads on this issue. Not a great advert for EH
  2. Upgrading Headlight Bulbs

    You're right, in order to operate transom corners - the projektoros unit turns in the direction steered and the cornering bulb H1 illuminates on that side. Not sure about the rest of what you are asking, little lost in translation. It looks like you want to retro fit projektorors units but have concerns about whether its possible. The lamps will have a different plug but it should be possible to splice them in and have them working if you really want to. Its not a job I would fancy doing myself. I've seen guides for upgrading lamps on the mk3. http://www.fordwiki.co.uk/index.php?title=Xenon_OEM_Headlight_Retro-fit_Guide
  3. Upgrading Headlight Bulbs

    Yes mate, separate cornering bulb and 4 bulbs per lamp. The cornering bulb is not accessed through the same opening as the other 3 bulbs. There's a large round rubber cover hiding the access to the cornering bulb. Picture 7 on this post from my build thread shows the cover clearly http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/74239-mondeo-mk4-titx-25-facelift/page-2#entry518024
  4. Upgrading Headlight Bulbs

    2xH1, H7 and 501 each lamp :thumbup. Headlight has to come out for all these bud. I just did mine but only got a kit with 3 bulbs. I never thought of the cornering bulb until afterwards so had to order another pair
  5. Mondeo Mk4 Titx 2.5 Facelift

    Thanks for the tip and your subsequent reasoning Ben. I need to shop around for suitable bulbs that are simply plug and play but with white or blue light.
  6. Mondeo Titanium X Sport 2.5

    How big is your pile of cash :) http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/74239-mondeo-mk4-titx-25-facelift/ I actually bought this in Essex funnily enough but I couldn't replace it.
  7. Mondeo Mk4 Titx 2.5 Facelift

    Finally managed to get a slot in the bodyshop to get the 4.5 bumpers and bonnet painted. All came out pretty good. Lamps look really yellow now with the DRL's though.
  8. Transferring To New Number Plate

    am getting de ja vu here :D
  9. Transferring To New Number Plate

    Officially, you cant get plates until you display the new V5 to the shop - but you can buy show-plates online, eg eBay, that are fine.
  10. Headlight Connector

    If its just the catch that is broken, I'd just push it in and try to secure in place with some adhesive tape. It's a fiddly connection and very brittle I found. If you need to replace it, you'll need to get one from a scrap dealer or the relevant loom from Ford.
  11. Boot

    Park uphill :) I agree, its a design flaw with water going everywhere when you open the tailgate. I'm fortunate I have a slope outside the house and try avoid parking it facing downhill whenever possible.
  12. Mondeo Mk4 Titx 2.5 Facelift

    Thanks jeebowhite, if you could would be great.
  13. Imageshack

    I'll give it a day or 2, if its still not working, I'll change over and presumably have to edit any picture url's