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  1. That's kind of the price range I was thinking! Would £600 be for a new engine or 2nd hand? It's a 1.6 petrol. Thanks for the advice!
  2. Hello All, My Sister has just blown the head gasket on her 2005 Fiesta....basically had a water leak and it ran dry and then the head gasket blew! The garage its at now reckons its a new engine job as water has got into the engine. They are quoting £2.5K to fix. The car is only worth £3K! Can anyone offer any advice? What are the chances that it needs a new engine? Is £2.5K a realistic price for new engine? Does anyone know of anyone in the bristol area they can supply / fit 2nd hand engines and if so what would be the rough cost estimate? Would it be a better idea just to sell the car as scrap / spares? if so how much would you get for it? Thanks, any help would be most apprechiated. Cheers Dave