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  1. Thanks. Looks like the hard bit is finding someone to do them for a tenner.
  2. That's what I thought when I decided to swap a Mondeo door to fool my fleet manager. Turned out all the wiring was different and the central locking wouldn't work........
  3. Want to swap 02 reg Mark 6 (nice seats) to 06 reg facelift (sticky out lights and stained seats) They are the bluey seats with a squared design.
  4. Changing my old Fiesta with spotless seats to a newer car but with stained seats. Look like the same seats in the new shape April 2002 car and the facelift 56 reg. Both Zetec. Thinking it might be easier to swap than trying to get the stains off the seats in the newer car. What could go wrong? Or should I consider getting some snug seat covers off fleabay or Micks Garage website? Do they end up looking loose and cheapo?
  5. Fiesta Cold Start Up Proble

    1.4 ecotec engine. It goes perfectly once up to temp. On warm mornings it starts with no bother. Anything less than about 5 degrees and it won't idle. Basically, it hasn't got a choke (for older viewers used to cars before ECU's) I'll check on what codes were showing the last time it was checked. The missus is getting hacked off with the speedo showing her doing 90 in the drive and the radio doubling in volume. Seems to be a particular problem when in reverse.
  6. Fiesta Cold Start Up Proble

    Was this an error code or was No4 plug sooted up?
  7. Fiesta Cold Start Up Proble

  8. Fiesta Cold Start Up Proble

    Hi, don't want to highjack the thread but I'm in the middle of something similar. My local mechanic says it is trial and error and can be expensive if you buy new parts. My problem was with the cold start and intermittant engine symbol appearing. Car wouldn't tick over when cold. Once warmed up went perfectly other than random speedo readings. Got a throttle body (£30) O2 sensor £30 and temp sensor £20 off local scrapper. Some error codes disappeared but the cold start persists. The mechanic didn't change the speedo sensor in the gearbox as he said it looked welded in. Both scrap throttle bodies we tried caused crazy idling even when hot - so we've gone back to the original. Scrapper says they just bolt on but mech thinks they might need coding in (he hasn't got the codes) New shape Fiesta Spring 2004 (dealer demonstrator) I'm back to square one. On warm mornings, no problem. Cold mornings, five minutes with foot on throttle until its warmed up. Mechanic says there is a hidden breather pipe behind the throttle body with a pinhole that causes it to collapse under acceleration. Possibly sucking in air, he's sealed it with silicone as it is a dealer part. No change. Trial and error is OK but not at £35 per hour........
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums portvalenil :)