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  1. Update: Ive had a new coilpack, leads and plugs a new Idle control valve runs a lot smother and runs on all cylinders now. Found a massive crack in the outlet manifold so getting that welded tomorrow also buying a new throttle position sensor if this doesnt solve it then Ford fiesta parts for sale lol
  2. Right I did that today and nothing happened :/, think Im going to buy a idle control valve as I was looking on youtube and someone had a similar problem with a escort. He put a cheap idle control valve and it was back to normal I have taken everything off now and cleaned it all including the the inlet manifold and injectors only the pipes I havnt done could do with a service still... so i think there is definitely a fault with a sensor/switch/valve.
  3. Is that the 1.0 fiesta think its 3 cylinders anyway.... Thanks buddy Ill give it a try tomorrow the guy I bought it off decided to get in contact with me and he said its the manifold... do you think he means the inlet manifold. Can the (outlet) manifold cause these problems?
  4. Okay well Ive cleaned everything now and that switch is plugged in it wont go over 4k revs thinking I might need a new throttle body but I will try a new coil pack if it's not I'll just take it back lol
  5. Hey Ford Lovers :)

    Hi Im Josh 21 years old, live in staffordshire :). Yesterday I bought a Ford Fiesta endura 1.3 2001, Planning on getting it looking decent in time... but I have a mechanical problem if you dont mind checking my other post out :) Hope to get to know some of you and help you if I can :D
  6. Hi Im josh Ive been on here looking for answers since last night woke up this morning still looking for answers... I have just bought a Ford Fiesta endura 1.3 2001, anyway I bought it cheap with 12 months MOT and 6 Months tax didnt really look at it when I bought it. Anyway when I drove it home from cold it was running on 3 cylinders and then when I came to stop it would stall itself so when I got home I decided to give the throttle body a good clean put some redex in and clean all the spark plugs which look very old! Im going to give it a service later. Anyway when putting the throttle body back together I completely forgot to put a switch/sensor back on which I assume is the air flow sensor I took it for a drive and it was completely fine to lag running on all cylinders I thought YAY Ive done it pulled up released I forgot to put the switch/sensor on, then it went back to running on 3 cylinders and stalling? I think Ive give as much information as possible does anyone have any ideas :D
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums dudedodd :)

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      Thanks bud :)