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  1. St200 Mountune upgrades?

    Was the colour I fell for when I saw it. First and only one I have seen. Interesting, most cars I see have slash cut pipes, maybe not clear but there straight cut, and straight out of the back box. interesting options on it, reversing sensors, and reversing camera lol oh and yeah after struggling to keep the orange seats looking half clean the black ones seem a better option :-)
  2. St200 Mountune upgrades?

    Does this look like the standard exhaust? Looks different from what I have seen on some. Was there optional different one for the st200? car is brand new, and unregistered. :-)
  3. St200 Mountune upgrades?

    Ok, yeah that would make sense then :-) Are you a proud st200 owner? Was debating the Mountune exhaust upgrade, but it's not available ATM. I can see the st200 is different to the standard one that was fitted to my st3, but haven't heard it on the road yet.
  4. Mountune upgrade

    Cat back does nothing but change the sound. I had all the Mountune parts mp215, intercooler boost pipes, induction hose all done before the exhaust. The other parts made a noticeable difference to how the car drove, but cat back was just the sound. I think sound people think it makes a difference due to the sound. Imho.
  5. St200 intercooler

    Ta, will be changed then :-)
  6. St200 Mountune upgrades?

    Oh really? Thanks. Not actually doubting you having not seen under the bonnet, but the st200 was so much quieter, you could bearly hear the turbo hiss or it scrolling up. Pretty sure the mp215 upgrade made more noise. Intercooler and all hoses minuim then i think. Will have to look at the air box and talk to the mechanic at the Garrage.
  7. St200 intercooler

    Anyone know if the st200 intercooler is an upgrade over the standard st one?
  8. Well having lost my orange st3 with every Mountune mod that didn't effect warrantee I am now in the process of replacing the car with a new st200. But is the st200 intercooler any different to standard st or is the Mountune one worth fitting? Boost pipes, along with hard pipe, and air box and high flow induction hoses will be fitted.
  9. Fiesta St + Mp215 + What Else?

    Having seen the symposer, does anyone know if you can just take the hose going into the cabin off? After all the symposer is a sealed unit?
  10. Fiesta St + Mp215 + What Else?

    I have the hard pipe upgrade which made the symposer noise louder, and combined with the exhaust was rather boomy on full throttle.. Removing it for me has allowed you to hear more growl and pure induction sound and turbo hiss.
  11. Fiesta St + Mp215 + What Else?

    Not seen the hose come up, but the symposer delete has.. Car sounds much cleaner after fitting it.
  12. Fiesta St + Mp215 + What Else?

    Haha yeah, let's tend to drive everywhere with Windows open now.
  13. Fiesta St + Mp215 + What Else?

    Very distinctive sound. I do have everything except the cat, and. Mr230 map so does make a difference.
  14. Fiesta St + Mp215 + What Else?

    Glad you got yours sorted Phil.. As for the volume side of things, I think it's deceptively load, depending on how it's driven if I am honest.. It can be very loud if you want it to be, but dead quiet on a cruise, if you want it to be. Certain people do know when I coming..
  15. Fiesta St + Mp215 + What Else?

    Omg can't believe how much issue you have had. Mines been perfect, the fact you have had two exhausts fitted suggests they don't know what there doing or haven't noticed something else.. As above regards the warrentee, although the Mountune boys and girls wrote my serial number down on my invoice for me so I didn't have to look under the car.