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  1. Happy Birthday Purdy fpv!

  2. Puma Seat Covers

    Thanks for your reply artscot79. You are right. Proper seat cover made for the Puma would cost a bomb. So I am just going to get some black waterproof ones.
  3. Puma Seat Covers

    Hi Back when I first brought my Puma. I brought some front fabric seat covers off eBay. As I have a dog that likes to ride shotgun whenever I take her out in the car. Problem is that I think that the covers are slowly pulling the front seats out of shape. It said on the item description that they would fit the fiesta. However I forgot that the Puma has sport seats. Can anyone please recommend some good seat covers that are dog proof, don't distort the seats and still look stylish?
  4. Number Plates

    The Velcro is a good idea. It save you having to keep unscrewing the road plates. If anyone uses speedplates please let me know how it goes.
  5. Fiesta St

    Well said mark! Auto Express need to get their facts straight in the future. It is a shame that there is no new Fiesta ST or for that matter a new Puma. I think that without one of these small 2 door sports cars, Ford have a gap in their range. :(
  6. Number Plates

    I am told that speedplates.co.uk are very good. I was planning to use them when I replace the plates on my car. They make both road legal and show plates. You can make the show plate look like what ever you want. Just as long as you do not drive your car on a public road while it is waring them. On speedplates.co.uk You can create your own plate and they have a customer helpline aswell.
  7. Fiesta St

    I like that colour. I think it is very posh. There was talk of Ford bringing out a new Puma but that never harped neither
  8. Help needed!!!

    Ok Jon. B)
  9. fusion

    100,000 miles or 10 years is Fords recommended service interval for this part. If you want to change the belt sooner then that is your decision. I trust Ford. They don't just make up service schedules off the top of their heads. They is extensive testing involved and the new generation of engines are designed to have greater intervals on perishable items like belts to keep costs down.
  10. Help needed!!!

    To clear all this up- Your car probably does not have central locking. It will have wiring for the speakers from the pillar to the door. The wiring for the right hand front door speaker will be white and black - yellow and black. The wring for the right hand front door central locking will be orange and blue - black. If it has electric windows the wire will be violet and blue - black. This is probably all irrelevant as the car probably does not have any of it.
  11. Engine flush

    £20 is a Good price for that. Worth every penny.
  12. Help needed!!!

    I don't mean to be rude but what is the point of having a key that can open a door but not start the car? Surely that just complicates things?
  13. Help needed!!!

    The red key was part of the old three key system. This was replaced by the two key system witch is what your car has. So your car never had a red key. Unfortunately as you are missing the other keys you can not program any other keys to that car without Fords help. As you need two programed keys to add any extra keys to the system rater than one master key. Hence the name - two key system
  14. Help needed!!!

    Not sure what other keys have you got for it?
  15. Engine flush

    According to the ford service schedule they should be done every year. So Ford will adjust them as part of the service package at no extra cost. However non Ford deals do not do tappets as part of a service and charge extra. Adjusting tappets is a dieing art as the next generation of mechanics are not being taught how to do them. However It is an easy thing to do and if you can find a trust worthy mechanic and get them adjusted every year. That engine will last forever. The body shell would fall away first!