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  1. Petrol Vs. Diesel.. Advice Please

    Had a 2 litre TDCI Focus diesel for 6 years and loved every minute.The torque even in 6th gear was amazing.Overtaking a doddle but it was falling to bits. So I decided to have a test drive in the Fiesta ecoboost 100bhp and found it slightly lacking in 4th and 5th but great handling. After much research I ordered a Fiesta Titanium x 125bhp with full leather in frozen white. It is a totally different drive from the 100bhp. Have had it for 2 weeks now and it is the best car I have had in 40 years of motoring. I am 62 years old. The level of comfort,handling and spec is awesome. The torque is on a par with the 2 litre Focus up to 4th. I got 44 mpg with the Focus mixed driving whilst the Fiesta is at 40.4 with only 320 miles on the clock. I reckon 50 mpg after it has run in at around 1500 miles is quite feasible. Opened it up slightly tonight to 4000 rpm and it is rapid hitting 85 in 3rd. I thought I would never go back to a petrol after the TDCI but I feel the writing is on the wall for diesel with the introduction of the Ecoboost engine. It is in the Fiesta,Focus and soon the Mondeo and the 1 litre with probably tune to 150 BHP no problem. Turbo petrol fuel injection way to go.
  2. Counting Down The Days..

    Hi there, What engine did you go for and why?
  3. The Waiting Game

    Hi all, I am now like so many of you playing the waiting game. I have just ordered a titanium x ecoboost 125-- 3 door with full leather in white. I felt I got a fair deal at £15000 after discounts. The salesman called on Sunday with an update saying it had come forward a week and should be in the dealership on the 17th May. Its all change as I have an 08 2ltr Zetec TDCI at the moment. I love it for the torque but I am afraid its now showing it age with too many things needing seen to. Has anybody driven both of these cars and what your findings? I only had a test drive in the 100 bhp fiesta and found it lacking slightly. Probably didnt rev it enough? Anything over the 41 MPG I get at the moment will be a bonus and the better handling should make up for the lower torque. With zero road tax I think its a winner. Never used cruise control on a car before,whats it like? Should put a smile on this 61 year old face. Keep you updated.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Thedaleman :)