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  1. Cheers Lenny :0) Thanks man. Yeah I'm gonna replace both the front and rear demister switches as they are both looking a little dull, especially the rear one haha. So far the head unit is fine, I tether one of my mobiles via wifi to the stereo, to use with google maps. So far no freezing. Drove from Surrey to Hemel Hempstead the other day no issues.
  2. So finally got round to finishing work on my new stereo last weekend. Plan was to fit the reverse camera and the USB switches in the dash. Wired everything up only to find I bought the wrong camera doh!!. Fits and MK2, not an MK2.5. To add insult to injury, also had a dud video cable which didn't transmit the video signal. Luckily had a spare one floating around. So took out the faulty cable (pain once you wired it in and put all the panels/fascia/radio back in). Tested with the wrong size reverse camera and voila image displayed. So ordered the correct camera and will fit once it arrives. Fitted my USB dash switches. Need to replace the current rear demister as its looking a little tatty. Also took the time to tidy up some wiring for the illuminated sills and change my pedal covers and mist washer jets (gloss piano black).
  3. Nice mate cheers, also what did u use for the red trim around your upper grille?
  4. What did you use for the red trim on the wind deflectors. That's a great idea and safe to say I want to copy your idea and apply to mine :) hehe
  5. Also what's the red trim around the upper grille. Looks very nice, any links to the item?
  6. Heya. I've been mulling the idea of replacing my seats with some recaro's. Just wondering how easy it was?
  7. Thanks man, and sorry to hear your focus has gone. What's your new project? Hey Lenny. Thanks. Funnily enough I bought some mudflaps today, I think they are the same ones as in your guide. I have a service due next week, so getting them fitted at the same time. Cheers man. I'll update once I get the rest of the bits fitted.
  8. And a few more bits I've already done or will be doing over the next couple of weeks: Fitting the correct USB demister switches Some new gloss black mist type washer jets A foam insert to go into the empty space where the spare wheel used to go (this was from an MK1 RS). Fits like a glove and stops the boot mat from caving in. Before And after. Some new pedal covers with MK3 logo
  9. After a little bit of faffing about trying to get the mass of cables in the dash, I finally got it fitted. I routed the GPS antenna up the passenger A pillar out of sight. It could have stayed in the dash tbh, as it picks up a strong signal but I preferred it there. The new mic is again routed up by the passenger A pillar, but is stuck on the outside fairly discreetly. Big improvement on the stock microphone when making/receiving calls. The two USB cables are currently routed down behind the glove box. I bought the wrong USB switches for the dash, which go next to the demister switches. Will re-route and fit into dash probably this weekend. As for the reversing camera, I just need to route the video cable from the dash, through the car to the boot, then wire the camera into the reverse feed already spliced for the parking sensors. Here it is fitted.
  10. Stock Radio, pretty bog standard and does the job, but lacks alot of modern features. Front panel removed. Almost out. This is when I noticed the aerial cable wasn't plugged in, which would explain my crappy signal. LOL Wires, wires, and more ***** wires. Finally out :) Side by side comparison. Out with the old and in with the new. Rear-view comparison. Rear-view of the new stereo.
  11. Howdy peeps. So it's been a good 8 months or so since doing anything with my car. Last weekend I picked up a few bits and finally got round to changing my stereo. Pic heavy posts incoming :) Firstly the stereo, its an Android Lollipop (insert joke here) based stereo from Amazon, oval shaped so straight swap, and enough bells and whistles to make put the reliable but basic stock CD6000 out to pasture. Few key features, 7" 1024*600 Touch Screen, built-in Sat Nav (google maps & Igo), gps atenna, free 8GB map card + reversing camera. Bluetooth, Canbus support, steering wheel controls, Wifi & 3g, radio/cd/usb/sd card support. First some stock pics below:
  12. Other than tidying up the odd scratches and dents, that's pretty much most of the exterior mods all done for me. So weird seeing the Focus back in 2013 looking like this as stock: And now 3 years later, a shocking amount of eBay expenditure, and smarter looking Focus But still a few more bits left to do.
  13. Some photos just as it started to rain 7