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  1. Focus 1.6Lx Auto Keeps Cutting Out On Me

    Many thanks for your help - I forgot to mention one thing that could be important - I'm not sure...when I carried out the Ford "dashboard test", I had an error in the dtc section - 262. A bit of research told me that it wasn't important and was a communication error of some sort.Well...a little more research and - like loads of other Focus owners it seems - removed the cluster and cleaned the PCB with WD40, left it to dry overnight and having put it in this morning, the dtc has cleared - it now says NONE. One point to note is that fault kept coming up after the battery had been disconnected - it would never clear. So - has the magic WD40 fix found another successful end? Time will tell I suppose and hopefully I won't find out waiting in a right filter lane like I did yesterday...
  2. Focus 1.6Lx Auto Keeps Cutting Out On Me

    Thanks for that - could you specify what the " cluster" is please?Sorry - you meant the instrument cluster - me bad! Ford quoted me £600+ for a new one...ouch!
  3. Hi guys, New here but have been a long term reader for the amazing technical help here - now hoping somebody can help me! I have a Focus 1.6LX from 2000 with a tad over 48000 on the clock since new. A few weeks ago, I was driving along and I lost the instrument cluster for a second or two - the engine didn't die on me and as I say, a second or two later, the cluster came back to life and on we went. Two days later, the same thing happened - but this time, I had to switch off and switch on again to get the panel back. Sure enough, it happened again - but this time, the engine died with it...I called out the AA who duly changed the battery (the one that was in was 7 years old so I didn't complain - until they billed me £100!). While waiting for the AA, I managed to get the car going - this was possible after the multi function warning light: automatic transmission/cooling system went out. I ran the car OK for about 80 miles after resetting the ECU but then it happened again - just cut out on me and was able to get going again after that light went out. I had it on a computer to see if any sensors were out but it came back with no faults - so as a matter of cause, I changed the CHT temp sensor a couple of days ago - and it was working fine - again for about 80 miles - and then just cut out on me. A couple of other points that may or not help - the temp gauge does not take long at all to get to the centre point...probably no longer than 3 or 4 minutes at the most. Once it's there, it never moves - just stays dead central. Heat comes from the heater in those few minutes as well. Has anybody come across this before and may be able to point me in the right direction please? I don't mind paying a bit to keep it on the road but I've a feeling that its something pretty simple. The car is in great nick, has been serviced every couple of thousand miles since new and needs to be kept on the road to be honest. Thanks for any help in advance. Bri
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums BigBri165 :)