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  1. Lowering - Worth It?

    The alloys won't be painted, then I'd rather buy the darker version of them. I only bring my wife and kid at 4yr old...But I guess it won't be a problem bringing four adults, as they sell the spring at my local Ford shop. I think they would get in a lot of trouble if they lowered a car and then it's not fully useable.
  2. Lowering - Worth It?

    yes eibach pro about 30mm Rear 5 windows tinted 15%. It's not legal to tint fra B-section and forward where I live. Therefore the front door windows are only tinted 70%. Because of the light dashboard, the trinangles ade tinted a little more, so they look the same af the front doors from the outside.
  3. Lowering - Worth It?

    1st service done, and I got the car lowered for 4500dkr, with Eibach Pro springs.It looks great and the handling is much better, but also harder, which I prefer.
  4. Lowering - Worth It?

    I better check again then. I got the price in Maj 2013 and they didn't have the 30mm back then. Perhaps they can give me a better price now. Back then they gave me a good price for the ST wheels. I actually got the tires and nuts for free.
  5. Lowering - Worth It?

    I'm, from Roskilde Ford offered me the 15mm springs also, I think it was incl. there steering limit thing, as I'm running 17" ST wheels.I wanted 30-35mm and the price at 550£ (5000kr) was too much so I didn't lower it. I'll have the first service/1yr service in April and afterwards I'll buy some spring and rent a lift at my mechanic, change the springs with a little help from him, and the get the wheels aligned at a wheel shop
  6. Lowering - Worth It?

    Lars I'm Danish as well. When I asked Ford for a price, for lowering my car it was incl. (don't know the english word for that, assum it's something like align the wheels "sporing in Danish) are you sure your non-ford mechanic incl that in the price? But ofcause Ford is more expensive.
  7. Spacer / Wheel Bearing

    I talked to my mechanic about mounting 15mm spacers on my 1,0 125. He then told me that the pre Focus MK2 ate wheel bearings if the ET was changed with more than just 4-6mm. Does anyone know the wheel bearings on the fiesta will die soon if ET changes from 47.5 to 32.5?
  8. 15" To 17" Wheels

    You don't need the limiter if it's oem 17" ET47,5. But my dealer told me it's needed if I lower it
  9. Dress Up Kit

    5d ? Is it oem ford parts for a mk7,5?
  10. Tyre Pressures

  11. Weird Range Gauge Problem!

    Did you leave the key in the ignition when refueling ?
  12. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    I'm sure it's just the build in launch control :)
  13. 5Door Side Skirts 2013

    Finally they are for sale in Europe. http://www.fordonlineparts.co.uk/product/Ford_Fiesta_5_door_Side_skirt_kit_right_hand_side_-_2013_onwards_-_1802988_F1802988-103 http://www.fordonlineparts.co.uk/product/Ford_Fiesta_5_door_Side_skirt_kit_left_hand_side_-_2013_onwards_-_1803000_F1803000-102 Are fordonlineparts original parts ?
  14. I bought the 17" ST wheels, they fit without the rackstop. But the dealer told me, if I lower the car I might need the rack stop.
  15. There is a window software update for the mk7,5. I had it updated last week, but havn't checked if it still works :)