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  1. Oliverb

    My Focus Titanium <3

    Just wanted to let you all know that I went to look at cars this Saturday and ended up coming home with a 2010 2.0l BMW 1 series M sport 27k and paid £5700 after part exing my focus for £5000... Having my focus was fun due to all the modding but I felt like I just needed something with a little more GO and class... And my god the Beamer does just that....
  2. Oliverb

    Start Of My Slow Project

    Whaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Jammy ;-)
  3. Oliverb

    Hyrule's Build Thread

    Now get that kit on !!!!! ;-)
  4. Oliverb

    Ford Focus Sportvan Mk2

    I have never even seen this one! But I &#33;Removed&#33; like it !!!!
  5. Oliverb

    My Focus Titanium <3

    DMB website... And yeah loads of colours
  6. Oliverb

    My Focus Titanium <3

    Thank you :-D
  7. Oliverb

    My Focus Titanium <3

    Cheeky bit of poppin Which I can't upload will do later !
  8. Oliverb

    My Focus Titanium <3

    And a some snaps after a clean Crazy looking back now to when it was standard ... Very happy with the results so far.. And still more work to go Roof wrap Side skirts. (Mud flaps) New alloys And possibly a little lower Any other suggestions welcome, sort of don't want it to come to an end!!
  9. Oliverb

    My Focus Titanium <3

    With the help of Adam yet again.. We done some wrapping... Something to make it a bit different I guess... Thoughts !?
  10. Oliverb

    My Focus Titanium <3

    Oo ok will have a browse now !
  11. Oliverb

    My Focus Titanium <3

    Hear is a vid of the sound , to be fair it sounds slightly more beastly in person and dad didn't want to rev it much because of the neighbours ...pffttt
  12. Oliverb

    My Focus Titanium <3

    You know I did!! Lol... £30 for petrol to meet half way but that don't count.. Ooooh you mean for the brackets !!!! Grrrrr yeah plus £55 !!!!!!!!