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  1. What Was Your First Car?

    Just a bit of fun and see what cars people had to suffer with or if some people were spoilt haha I had a G reg renault 5 1.4 tr in mouldy white haha
  2. Hopefully St-2

    Hi there all! Hopefully going to be an owner of an ST-2 fieata! Did have the Zetec s and loved it so hopefully will love the st! Test drive was awesome! Obviously a few people on here got on so what do they think of it? Thanks guys!
  3. Gb-Autotrader.com

    http://www.gb-autotrader.com/index.php has anyone heard of these by any chance or delt with them? Seem a bit dodgy to me!
  4. Best Driving Roads

    A44 near aber would be class in the dry and not on a half term!
  5. Too Shiny?

    The footballer el hadji diouf had it on his slk! Apprently you can just peel it off when your bored of it? Don't know if that's true?
  6. Gb-Autotrader.com

    Oh right yeah! I keep getting emails off people who want my car as a present for a family member but want me to ship it over to them! Ha keep don't fall for that surely?? Do they?
  7. Gb-Autotrader.com

    what's that haha
  8. Gb-Autotrader.com

    Wow well there you go! Cheers for that Preee!
  9. Gb-Autotrader.com

    It's annoying because they gave me a great value for my car haha what a nightmare!
  10. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    He military is he? I'm in my 5th year and all I've seen is deserts and £8 pints in Jordan ha that was a bit upsetting!
  11. What Does Everybody Do As Job?

    Techie in the RAF!!
  12. Hello Everyone!

    Hi steve