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  1. someone elses good idea

    i was reading a build thread yesterday which started last yr and came across a guy who has sprayed his rear veiw mirror the same colour as his car and i thought it sounds quite a good idea that id never thought any one would add to there list of mods just thought id throw that in to the heads of the guys modding there cars
  2. Paint came off help

    thats it mate just go in there and chat them up by asking for there help and make it clear that you know its not a £125+vat job its a job that if the cars left with them for 1 or 2 days for them to work on inbetween jobs would they be able to treat you fairly and do a cash job
  3. Paint came off help

    ive just paid £130 cash for my focus rear bumper to get resprayed so im sure your fix is around a £50 cash job from your local body repair shop inbetween there daily works your car looks like a nice clean fiesta so if you dont have any knowledge of this type of repair dont spoil its look by bodging it mate you dont own an old banger you own a 2kish car treat it well mate
  4. would you buy a CAT D fiesta

    i normally keep my car for 4yrs to 6yrs especialy when i really like it, i had a 2001 mondeo silver ghia x it was the colour and model i wanted im sw london and i travelled to norwich to get that car had that for 7yrs of all the cars ive had (driving 27 yrs) ive never used one as a part ex ive either given them to family scrapped them or sold them cheap the only car i sold for good money was a saab 9-3 convertable aero had it for 3 months it was to low for me to get out gave me a bad back
  5. would you buy a CAT D fiesta

    looking at buying a fiesta ecoboost 1.0 125 3 door titanium x black or deep impact blue after my july holiday hoping to have around £8k prob be a 13 plate but have seen 16 plates cat d going for £8k would it be worth further investigations or stear clear??????
  6. CD Error

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/192118851117?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT same as this £45
  7. Lost keyfob

    just had mine sorted took a few mins to cut programmed within mins it took him longer (over 10 attempts) to sync both keys to the central locking
  8. CD Error

    no luck fixing mine i took it out gave it a blast with the air line and wired back in and still wouldnt eject cd so looks like £45/£50 from ebay for me
  9. CD Error

    ive had a non working cd for ages i dont get any error on the display it just dont work and wont release the cd hasnt bothered me but i will take it out and go to my local mechanic and use his air line to give it a good blow out and also use the cotton bud
  10. machine polishing

    i understand what your saying gingerflame but for me after watching youtube videos of cars after being polished and wanting mine to look fresh and feel like glass my car is just a 2k focus so after the guy from my local bodyshop resprayers (not a mobile detailer) machine compounds and polishes and seals it i know it will be an easier job to pressure wash and aqua wax it every few weeks to keep it looking like it should im not looking for a show car finish i just want someone with the knowledge and right tools and time to get my car to a reasonable starting point for me to then carry on with its upkeep
  11. Lost keyfob

    just sorted a deal with local guy £110 for tomorrow not as cheap as devonboy but cheaper than all quotes ive had
  12. Lost keyfob

    2nd quote came in at £120
  13. machine polishing

    im one of those lazy drivers who never polishes his car just washes it so after seeing my nephews new car with its cleaming paint i thought id polish my dk grey 8yr old focus which id bet has never been polished so after a good wash i started to hand polish the bonnet which after 20 mins didnt look or feel any different so gave up and after a few emails to local car detailers and car reprayers quotes of £200 which really shocked me i thought £70 to £100 would cover it i took my car to my local and recommended car resprayers he looked around the car and said hed do a brush touch up of stone chips and scuffed bumper and fully machine polish the car £180 and told me it would be with him for 2 days i thought 2 days thats a long time but i didnt question it as for £180 i want him to do a great job and do what it takes to bring my paint work back to its new car look tbh i dont know if hes just polishing it or compounding it 1st as long as im happy at the end and it shines and feels like glass and not sand paper
  14. Lost keyfob

    i just got my 1st of 4 quotes im waiting for £85 non remote or £145 remote im in sw london
  15. Buying an Ecoboost soon

    how much did you get yours for