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  1. Hi, I'm not sure if I have seen FRONT camber kit for the Focus Mk2 or Mk2.5, and I would appreciate some inputs or feedback from those who've actually installed one in their cars. If yes, could you possibly link me to a vendor (or vendors) who might be selling the same. Thanks!
  2. Focus Mk2.5 Tdci Sport

    Just wanted to know if you installed a front camber adjustment kit. If you did, can you kindly share where you got it from, and perhaps a price range? Need one soon. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I recently had an issue with my transmission. I have a Focus TDCi 2.0 with a MPS6/6DCT450 wet clutch. I have faithfully changed the transmission filter and oil earlier than the recommended intervals. At any rate, about last week, there was an "engine malfunction" coming out, but my scanner wasn't able to pick-up the error. Worst, when my sis-in-law dropped of my wife last Friday, they called me to come out and listen to the car. I heard a knock / rattle, and thought I had major engine issues. Anyway, I had the car towed to a shop. However, the OBD error didn't come out and the rattle seemingly disappeared to my bewilderment. We then proceeded to start the car and let it idle for awhile. After a couple of minutes, nothing. I decided to rev it a bit, then the rattle came back. No OBD error. We lifted it up and decided that it was in between the engine and transmission. We decided to pull down the transmission. As we proceeded to open the torque converter cover, we saw a piece of plastic (see pic) inside it. We couldn't figure out how it got there, and worst, what it is. I looked at the 6DCT450 catalog and the only plastic component that closely resembles it is part 377 (plastic orifice assembly). There are no performance issues---no slippage, gear hunting, bucking of any sort. Oil and filter was change a few thousand kms back. I am confused, and don't know how to proceed, whether to just put the cover back, replace the oil, and go. Here is a pic of the part on the cover after we took it out. Would appreciate any help or inputs especially from those who have experienced anything close to this. Why Getrag would use plastic components in a very high-stress (heat, torque, etc.) environment is puzzling at best. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, I had this hose connector break on me and at low idle, there is no brake pressure on the front brakes, and its scary dangerous. Mechanic and i managed to find this broken piece and I'm wondering if anyone of you knows if this can be bought separately as the dealer(s) insist that this is sold as part of the brake booster assembly. Its ridiculous! Here are some pics for better appreciation. Would appreciate some referrals from any one on where to get this connector alone, if possible. I don't mind if its used either. I'm willing to pay shipping.
  5. Modifications

    Hi. Has anyone replaced their shift knob / gear shift handle? I look forward to seeing what's available on your side of the world. Thanks!
  6. Diesel Increasing Fuel Consumption

    Sorry, I didn't know how that happened. That's actually what I wrote. Hmmm....weird.
  7. Which Bearing?

    Hi, I'd like to know if anyone of you has experienced this noise? I already replaced the front wheel bearings and the CVs are newly repacked. The only thing that I didn't touch is the intermediate bearing found in the driveshaft. I also found out that it doesn't have a boot over it. Here is a link of a video that I took. https://www.facebook.com/kanuto.san
  8. Hi, 2009 2.0 TDCi was averaging about 8.2-10kml/100km (very heavy traffic) for years. As I'm not using this vehicle often, but I started driving it again 2 weeks back and noticed that in the past 2 weeks the consumption has gone up to 11-14kml/100km. I find that too high for a diesel given the same traffic circumstances. So far, I've cleaned the MAF sensor, replaced the air cleaner, put injection cleaner on the car, and have observed little difference as to performance. The last oil that was used was 15w40 (hot temps here), and I'm unsure whether the heaviness of the oil contributes to the drastic change in consumption too. The car has not been driven hard at all (for years) and may need a lot of highway / high rev exposure so I've been doing this of late. The car has 113k kms on it, and would want to know if there's anything else I need to service at this point so that I could bring it back to its former performance i.e. clean EGR, etc. Any advise on what to look out for would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Mk 2.5 Front Rattle / Clunking

    Busted stabiliser links again contributed to this rattle, as well as the niggling of front right wheel bearing. Had to replace both bearings though. I still hear some bearing-like noise after the replacement and unsure if its the rear wheel bearings, or the tires, or the front intermediate drive bearing found in the middle of the right drive shaft. Has anyone replaced this. I noticed that mine didn't have any boot cover on it, and was wondering if others had theirs covered?
  10. Mk 2.5 Front Rattle / Clunking

    Yes, replaced the small ARB bushings as well. I also checked on the welds. Its all good.
  11. Mk 2.5 Front Rattle / Clunking

    Sorry, I'm unfamiliar with the jargon, arb? What is it exactly?