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  1. Keyless Entry and Start

    The system works very well. You don't scan or plug the fob, just have it in your pocket or bag. It doesn't unlock or lock itself, you press a small button in the door handle, or use the fob as normal. To start or stop the engine, just press the power button. There is an emergency key inside the fob. Hope this helps, Ray
  2. OT - SLR Camera's

    I can recommend the Canon 450D. It has a wide range of ISO & shutter speed settings, and the kit lens is more than adequate in general use. Example:
  3. My engine is making a clicking sound

    Most probably the air conditioning compressor cycling on and off. It has an electromagnetic clutch which is quite loud. You can prove it is this by turning off the air conditioning. Ray
  4. Keyless Entry/Power start on new MK7 Fiesta

    I did, that is what it says to do
  5. Keyless Entry/Power start on new MK7 Fiesta

    The car warns you that the battery is getting low. If it were to go flat though, you remove the cover of the fob and use the key inside to get in. You then hold the fob right next to the sensor on the steering column and I guess it can then induce enough current to activate the system Ray
  6. Keyless Entry/Power start on new MK7 Fiesta

    Steering lock is electric with keyless entry. It engages about thirty seconds after turning off. You can hear it operating if you sit in the car with power off. It disengages when you press the clutch too Ray
  7. Interior Light

  8. Interior Light

    Gently prise the lamp out of the headlining. The bulb I used was exactly the same as used in the footwells Ray
  9. Ford Fiesta Owners Manual

    It's a real book. Will be posting it Monday morning, been busy this weekend. Ray
  10. Ford Fiesta Owners Manual

    My dealer gave me a spare copy a month before delivery of my car. PM me your address and I'll send it. IF you promise not to post a message here for 2 whole days! :) Only jokin on the last bit Ray
  11. Fiesta at Night

    Got them at local Motorist Discount store. £2.50 a pair. Think the part number was 515. Very easy to change, they just pull out, and new ones pushed in. Only caution is that they seem to get quite hot, so be careful when you grab hold of the bulb to take it out Ray
  12. Fiesta at Night

    Here's my Titanium, although I have replaced 2 footwell, and the interior light bulbs with red. Not leather though :)
  13. Mk7 Thinning Paint

    Thank you :) Hadn't realised until I did the photo, just how long the nearside wiper arm is!!!
  14. Mk7 Thinning Paint

    2 photos, one closed bonnet, the other open bonnet, merged in Adobe Photoshop Ray
  15. Mk7 Thinning Paint

    Thanks :) 1.4 TDCI Titanium with Tech Pack in Morello