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  1. New Member From Manchester

    I wanted to fix it up last summer, but money wouldn't alow :( This year I want to at least get a good chunk of the work done on it, even if it doesn't make it onto the road until next summer.
  2. my mk2 fez

    My first car was a Maritime Blue Mk2 I loved that car Do you have a spec list of the mods you've done to it?
  3. New Member From Manchester

    Cheers for the warm welcomes, and Dan I hope people are willing to help as it's been many a year since I had a play with a Ford tbh They are all I used to own and work on as I love classic Fords, but I got offered a good deal on a Mk4 Golf TDI from a friend that I bought whilest I fixed up the XR2 and I got addicted to the torque and toys of it and kept to the dark side of VW's. I'm now in a better financial situation and want a weekend/summer toy, and if you have ever owned a Mk2 Fiesta with up rated suspension you will know there are few better handling cars in the twisties I now run the below as a daily so if your local and you see me don't be affraid to say hello to someone in a VW
  4. New Member From Manchester

    Thanks for the welcome I'm going to have a good look at the forum later to find my way around it, as its a completely different set up to the forum for my daily driver.
  5. Evening all I have been thinking its about time I got my Mk2 Fiesta XR2 back on the road, so naturally the first thing to do was look for a good forum to join, hence here I am. I have owned the car about 8 years now, but it has spent the last 6 years in the garage due to a cooked engine. I bought a rear ended XR2i for the 75k engine and stripped and sold all the other bits a couple of months after the engine went so theoretically I have what I need to do the job, but I might as well go the whole hog and get the body and other running gear sorted before the transplant. As soon as I start working on it which will be about 6 weeks time as I'm going away in 4 weeks I will get a build thread up.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums bigjim-85 :)