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  1. 1L Ecoboost Possible Problem :s

    Thrash it till it blows up then tell ford "i told you so", That sounds bad like a fan blade hitting something every time it rotates, definitly needs seeing too.
  2. My May 2008 Zafira 19 cdti 120 bhp has just turned 18k, no problems, so far. :D .
  3. Hi, yes i think you may be right because diesels DON'T need them anyway YET, removing this DPF would solve many running problems on these modern cars.
  4. Hi, I am the same with my zafira 1.9 cdti never had this problem, but then again Vauxhall brought out an update so regen starts at a lower speed for town drivers, Why haven't Ford done this for their cars.
  5. Not only is it causing wear but if it gets too much diesel to oil mix and the level rises too high the engine WILL start to run on it's sump contents ending in a runaway engine that you cannot stop until it blows up requiring a new engine :( , much cheaper to change the oil and filter :) .
  6. Hi All

    hI dezwez, Thanks for the welcome. Rick.
  7. Bleeding Brakes !

    Clamp rubber brake pipe, remove bleed nipple, wire brush the threads and apply a very little blob of copper grease to the threads and replace before bleeding, don't forget to replace the rubber dust cover on the nipple when finished bleeding each brake. They will never seize up again. :) .
  8. Hi All

    Hi all, I am Rick i live in Gainsborough, Lincs, I am hoping to buy a focus estate 1.6 tdci in the next couple of months as my 2008 Zafira is a little too expensive to run now on my pension so i hope to be spending quite a lot of time on this forum. Rick.
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums rick45 :)