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  1. If you are considering paying someone to fit it, why not go to a specialist Car audio place. They will probably do a better job for less money than a Ford dealer. After all they specialise in audio, whereas dealers have to do everything.
  2. Renault have offered a 100k mile warranty on the Laguna since 2008 still only 3 yrs though. Hopefully others will follow Vauxhall - after all if they have confidence in the reliability of their cars they wont mind giving you a decent long warranty. It's the manufacturers that stick to 3yrs/60k warranties in future that you need to worry about.
  3. If it went back to bare metal you will need to use primer first before the base coat. Thouroughly clean the area and apply a very thin layer of primer. Allow to dry for at least 24hrs & then apply another coat. Let this dry for another 24hrs. Apply at least 2 layers of touch up base coat, again appply in thin layers and allow to dry inbetween coats. Allow a further 24hrs and then apply one thin layer of lacquer - allow to dry for several days before polishing & then protect with wax. The trick is to be patient and not apply the coats too thickly.
  4. Eoropean car breakdown cover isn't that expensive. You can even buy cover for specific trips rather than annual cover. Also covers you for accidents etc and will also bring you and the come back to the UK, as well as any overnight accommodation etc required.
  5. To me the Fiesta econetic doesnt make financial sense. Yeah it may be £0 a year tax but the normal 1.6tdci is only £20 a year so hardly expensive. Also it is a stripped out basic model that costs more than a basic non econetic model. To me a 1.6tdci Zetec makes far more financial sense.A good compromise between economy,low emissions,price and toys/comfort. Unless you are really green or like plastic wheel trims and no toys in your car, I cant really see the point. It would be a bit different if the other cars in the Fiesta range were high polluters etc, but they aren't. Perhaps companies prefer it as it may be lees of a tax burden for their accounts. Econetic cars probably make more sense on the bigger cars like Mondeos etc. Otherwise most modern mid sized cars are very economical and fairly environmentally friendly relatively speaking for vehicles.
  6. The std Fiesta 1.6tdci 90bhp engine is too highly geared for economical cruisng at 70mph. We get approaching 60mpg average on our daily commute of mainly A roads and smaller B & unclassified roads. As soon as we go on the dual carriageway the average economy drops by approx 5mpg - and that is at a constant 70mph. Slow to 65mph and it improves a bit. 3000rpm for a diesel at 70mph is high these days, the Fiesta 1.6tdci is crying out for a 6th speed - the car would cruise a lot better and quieter and be more economical. We use our 2.0dci 150bhp Laguna SporTourer for long journeys etc and can average just over 50mpg, which is pretty good for a large car. It has only done 5k miles so isnt run in yet either.It is barely ticking over at 70mph 2000 rpm.
  7. We had genuine Ford mud flaps fitted to ours from brand new - it is now 16moths old, with 16K on the clock - there are several stone chips on the lower front of the rear wheel arches. Ours is the 5 door model.
  8. Good advise. However, if you do use bleach/milton/vinegar - make sure you thoroughly was the paintwork and any black plastic trim - as these will strip the wax from the paint and possibly the colour from the black trim. Follow up with a fesh coat of polish/wax and some trim protector/cleaner.
  9. RE the original question about auto light sensor etc. That option just means that the display will automatically dim when you switch headlights on. Whilst the software is probably already in place for auto lights the sensor is not - to fit the combined light/moisture sensor means fitting a new windscreen as well as you will need the "sensor window" on the screen to fit the sensor.
  10. Newquay is in CORNWALL - or if it isnt I am living in the wrong county! unless you mean New Quay in wales! Hope you enjoyed your hols - wherever they were!
  11. The sensor on the windscreen is a combined light/moisture sensor. The dome on the centre of the dash is the "sunlight" sensor for the climate control. (page 74 of the user manual)
  12. That is why I said you will need to replace the windscreen in the Fiesta for one with the window for the rain/light sensor which is attatched to the windscreen.
  13. IF the wiring loom is in place you will also need the plastic housing to cover the sensor AND a new windscreen which has the blacked out area with the "window" for the sensor.Also the cars electronicis will probably need reprogramming by a dealer. Not a cost effective upgrade.
  14. Global closing is only available if you have auto up/down one touch electric windows front and rear. As the Fiesta only has a drivers side one touch window it wont work.