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  1. Chewbacca Brakes

    Update - Ford replaced the pads, wire brushed the discs and greased everything up, all free of charge and so far after 2 days of usage I have not had the Chewbacca noise :) Definitely must of been a dodgy set of pads!
  2. Chewbacca Brakes

    I'll update the thread after Friday, fingers crossed
  3. Chewbacca Brakes

    Just an update, I phoned Ford again and asked them to replace the pads they put on my car with new ones as they must be faulty and they have agreed to. At least it will eliminate if it's the pads causing the noise. Booked in for Friday James, yes only happens when breaks are applied, I tested if it was anything to do with the handbrake as I put it in reverse, let it roll back and slowly applied the hand brake, no noise. If you look in the vid, I am breaking as my break lights are lighting up only when the noise sounds It !Removed! embarrassing in a public car park, the video doesn't demonstrate how loud the noise actually is!
  4. Chewbacca Brakes

    Forgot to mention it only happens in reverse, never forward and only happens when I apply the brakes, so it's definitely break related. Could it be a faulty set of pads? Ithis has only started since Ford replaced my old pads so surely they are to blame? I've been back 3 times now and it's so frustrating it doesn't do it there. I thought maybe I need to warm the brakes up so went on a 20 min drive via my towns one way system continuously using the breaks and typically it didn't do it. Got home and guess what... Done it I don't know what to do! Can I demand they replace the pads?
  5. Please can anyone tell me what this sound is? I recently had my brake pads changed at Ford, I have been back twice since to show them the noise but it hasn't done it when on test drive. I showed them the vid so they took it in, took brakes apart, cleaned them and put them back together and it didn't solve it. It's a very unusual sound, almost like Chewbacca from Star Wars or whales mating! Please help! http://youtu.be/dXjxEvTMlDI
  6. Brazil - Germany

    I was saying before the game I think Germany will put 4 past them but no one would of said 7! Brazil are shocking, what the hell is Fred all about, Adriano or Pato would of been better surely, they weren't even in the squad? Yes they are not in big teams now, but seriously... Fred, even the name is lame lol 2002 squad was amazing, won't get another like that As for Germany, hate to say it but amazing
  7. 808 #16 Dashcam - For Rear Use

    Forgot to mention, the camera only comes with a key ring holder and data cable with Velcro, like the Mobius. So you will have to buy a USB lead, and cig lighter socket, these are pennies on ebay. I purchased 2 x cig lighters for 99p delivered and a 3m USB lead for £1.20 delivered. The memory card I installed was a 16gb Kingston class 4 micro sd
  8. 808 #16 Dashcam - For Rear Use

  9. 808 #16 Dashcam - For Rear Use

    Managed to get some footage today of the 808 #16 camera, this post went off a bit on a tangent. :) I must say I'm quite impressed with the footage, for just over £20 it's a brilliant little camera. I installed it with a suction mount to start with as I had one spare, I do have an adhesive mount but wanted to make sure I was happy with it first as those adhesive mounts are a bugger to remove Because my car sockets do not power off when my ignition is off I fitted a switch like system, see here: I will tidy the install now as I'm happy with it. I forgot to mention this is installed in my BMW and not my C-Max, before anyone asks that doesn't look like a Ford :) Footage is below, wouldn't work in this post. As you can see number plates are easily enough to read as well as signs (when paused) In terms of size, the camera is actually smaller then the Mobius, I should of taken a few scale shots but forgot. I think you should go for one of these James, for the money you can't moan.
  10. 808 #16 Dashcam - For Rear Use

    There's lots of cameras on ebay from China you could actually get for free as 90% of the sellers are not honest with there listings. I've ended up having 3 free cameras so far as what I have purchased has not been what was listed That's why u just went for a Mobius and 808#16 in end :)
  11. 808 #16 Dashcam - For Rear Use

    Finally received the camera! Will try and fit over weekend :)
  12. 808 #16 Dashcam - For Rear Use

    Sorry guys, been so busy last month I haven't managed to get on here Just to confirm I still have not received the 808 cam! I have emailed the seller and trying to get refund as it's been to long now. Annoying as I have bought items in past from banggood and they have turned up within 14 days, the tracking info supplied was last updated on 14th June so don't know what's going on with that I have read through the thread and see you have purchased one of them cameras James, sorry to say you will be disappointed, I was also conned into buying one the footage is not 720P as advertised it's less quality then 480 I'd say. Regardless I complained to ebay and was given full refund, I also left seller bad feedback and he said if I removed it he would refund me again, so I got my money back twice lol Regarding the 808 cameras on ebay, make sure you are buying the #16, there are so many copies out there, that cheap one for like £4/£6 is again a spy cam and not far in car recording, only the #16 camera comes on when power is applied and vice versa. The #18 camera I believe is ok but as it was not made by the same people that made the Mobius you cannot configure it as easy. This also answers someone else's question... Yes you can adjust the settings with the same software as the Mobius camera. Anyway hope this helps some people, I'm still hoping the camera arrives, if it does I'll post the review :)
  13. 808 #16 Dashcam - For Rear Use

    Yes, the previous versions were designed to be spy cams, but the #16 was designed to turn on when powered, loop record and switch off automatically when power was disconnected. Looking forward to having a play :)
  14. 808 #16 Dashcam - For Rear Use

    Oh and you can get extra 5% off any item on banggood using this code: b185f7 Takes another £1.30 off my Dashcam :)
  15. 808 #16 Dashcam - For Rear Use

    Yep, only £2.37 from the developer on ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221414238693?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 This then screws either in to a suction cup mount or adhesive mount. I wanted something small so was discreet and not in the way when looking out the rear mirror